1. G

    Art. Control. Delete by Gelido (Aztek Electronic Music) ALBUM LAUNCH

    PRE-ORDER Art. Control. Delete. // Gelido on Kickstarter now ONLY 24 HOURS TO GO !! HELP ME MAKE THIS ALBUM A REALITY !! Art. Control. Delete. will be my first full-length album to be released by a professional independent label – Melbourne/Mexico-based Aztek Electronic Music. This is an...
  2. B

    DnB ▶ Origins Of The Outerworld The 'Debut Album' OUT NOW!

    Origins Of The Outerworld [ LP ] by The Outerworld Another Earth 06:18 Palmistry 07:35 Under The Stars 08:11 Gamma Rays 07:29 Aurelia 07:43 Space & Aviation 08:15 eXistenZ 07:02 Approaching the Unknown 07:32 CrystalForms 07:00 Elysium Planitia 08:00 Undiscoverd Space 08:20 Alpine Breath...
  3. Hultaj

    Multi Genre Ruby My Dear - Strangers In Paradise EP (PRSPCT)

    Ruby My Dear - Strangers In Paradise EP (PRSPCT RVLT) This one is a month old, but I came a cross on it right now while checking what's new on PRSPCT. I have never heard of this guy before, but for sure I'll...
  4. Manu Forti

    Detached Audio [2016]

    Detached Audio is proud to present you Trônes de l'Obscurité - Pale Like The Moon: Remixes Our very own Dark Lizardro set a mission for our favorite forum at the end of last year and tomorrow we get to listen to the outcome. From his amazing E.P Still in the Embrace we have got remixes from...
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