1. sho

    Sho (Absys Records) - Phuture Beats Show - Bassdrive

    Here's Sho from Absys Records with his latest mix for KOS.MOS.MUSIC's Phuture Beats Show at Bassdrive.com. Expect a lot of fresh beats from our own imprint, but also from Blu Mar Ten Music, Horizons Music, Addiction Records Digital and Celsius Recordings, with much of the featured stuff to be...
  2. acidnbass

    acidity 028: Nitri

    Happy to announce that Nitri has laid down a mix for us to promote his album 'Circles', forthcoming on Horizons Music. Enjoy.
  3. C

    CeLL @ CeLLsMusic -Releases on Tempa and Horizons Music

    CeLL or CeLLectro @CeLLsMusic https://soundcloud.com/cellsmusic First release "Doors of Perception" Tempa Records. TEMPA 044. and 'Antenna Data & CeLL'(Horizons Music) . Been making tracks with Data (MetalHeadz) aka Adapt/Nick Modern since the late 90's, until in 2007 he released our music as...
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