1. B

    Label New Label Specialising In Breakcore, Hardcore And Speedcore

    Hi all I am setting up a record label to release Breakcore, Hardcore and Speedcore from artist's from all over the world. Its Called "Broken To The Core Records" I will be launching the Label mid September and would like to have as many releases from as many artists as possible, with a good...
  2. fresh plates

    7th Storey Projects new releases

    2 fresh new 12"s from the 7th Storey Projects crew! Excellent darkstep jungle/hardcore vibes from Tim Reaper, Necrotype, Z Maze, and Worldwide Epidemic! The Dark Arts Volume 3 - VA (Green Transparent 12" Vinyl) redeye...
  3. DetrimentalAudio

    [DETA009] Kolanek - Your Love / Optics

    DETA009 A. Kolanek ft. Tokyo Noir - Your Love B. Kolanek - Optics Melbourne's KOLANEK reaches back to the 90's with his first solo release on DA. "Your Love" kicks off with a ravey Hardcore vibe, complete with piano stabs and choppy vocal samples, while "Optics" draws influence from the early...
  4. DeeGun

    Altern 8 (Mark Archer) Boiler Room Nottingham DJ Set

    Tracklist and Download - https://boilerroom.tv/recording/altern-8-mark-archer/#/video
  5. M

    Hardcore/Old Skool Jungle Vinyl Sale

    Just liquidating the last of my vinyl collection. Below is what I have left for sale. Reply here or message me with what you may be interested in and i'll hit you back with a price. Lots welcome. Priced to move, fully negotiable and no discogs inflation. Lots of these are Mint/unplayed and there...
  6. S

    Gachet 93 Quest ID needed! DnB

    can anyone help with this track please? Drums break at 24seconds for a, hopefully, recognisable part of the tune. Thanks!
  7. Audilepsy

    Audilepsy/wasteland recordings

    What's up I'm new to these forums. I've been producing going on 8 years, I produce anything from dubstep to metal to dnb to trap, really anything that my inspiration and weird brain cooks up. Here's my links: www.soundcloud.com/audilepsy www.facebook.com/audilepsy www.twitter.com/audilepsy...
  8. Jake_Mehmet1

    Check out my first dnb tune!

    First ever dnb tune produced by myself on Ableton. Let me know your thoughts. follow and leave a comment!
  9. A

    19/09 - Dream Nation Festival @Paris

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- xxx DREAM NATION FESTIVAL 2015 xxx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL - AFTER TECHNO PARADE...
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