hardcore breakbeats

  1. S

    Brockout! feat Ratty, Lavery, Pilgrim & more

    Join a movement, a cultural revolution, the designer alternative to whatever else is on offer. Join the brockout family as we present a selection of the greats along side some of the best local and not so local talent to perform on the best independent soundsystem in the East Midlands inside...
  2. DeeGun

    Happy Hardcore Classics 96 - 'Kniteforce Vs Remix Records'

    Jimmy J & Cru-L-T - Seventh Day (REC005) Ham & Poosie - Thinking About U (KF033) The Timespan - Music (REC004) Alk-E-D - Raw (KF035) The Timespan - Stop The Music (REC006) Ham & Poosie - Master Peace (KF033) The Timespan & Krazy Fresh 2 - Shout Now (REC012) DJ Luna-C - Kaos & Fire (The Music Of...
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