1. Ezim4n

    Drum & Bass High Rank Audio guest show on Studio 808

    Eziman and Structure present a 2 hour guest show on Studio 808 broadcast on 30/07/18 Drum and bass, Halftime and Jungle Watch on: Facbook Youtube
  2. muziklova09

    Drum & Bass Phobik - Live! on Pure Truth Radio - Guest Mix

    Drum & Bass / Jungle mix set, recorded live! on Ravers United Mixshow on Pure Truth Radio...Enjoy! Tracklisting: ---------------- 00-Sopheye Intro 01-Layo & Bushwacka - Love Story (Drum & Bass Remix) [White Label - 2003] 02-Aquasky - Blow Your Mind [2003] 03-Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket - Jazz...
  3. thingmusic

    Drum & Bass Thing - Studio Mix #12

    http://facebook.com/thingmusic http://thingmusic.bandcamp.com https://open.spotify.com/artist/6SovQYzixv3B3M1HWjbdLS?si=IDc3y0vCSlCONz4yjzePGw
  4. Ezim4n

    Drum & Bass HIGHCAST 04 with JASKIN (Halftime to Dnb + tracklist + dubplates) Dub Elements, DLR, Rainforest etc

    For the forth installment of Highcast we invited Jaskin to lay down a mix. Presenting 30 minutes of blissful halftime to jungle to dnb, and treating us to a couple of dubplates from himself and partner in crime Uneven. Tracklist: 1 Rainforest - Squad Nights 2 Rainforest - Blu Diesel Euphoria...
  5. I

    charlie.pxls - Zulu Trippin D&B Mixtape

    New mix up with some tunes I've been feeling lately, enjoy! x Tracklist x Daliv - Recuperator Parash - Toxic Waters Dauntless & Sach - Erasure Logics - Shield Vromm feat. Rider Shafique - Level Up Mako - A Break From Suspension Submarine - Shamane Dub Personal - Relapse Jubei - Patience Vip...
  6. G

    halftime flux pavilion remix for competiton (NEED HELP)

    hi i need help! i have a track ive entered into competiton and i need some opinions on it good or bad! please follow the link if you want to hear it and help me towards a win it would be greatly appriciated .
  7. Ezim4n

    Drum & Bass HIGHCAST 03 with UNEVEN (Halftime dnb + tracklist + dubplates) Om Unit, Digital, Notion, etc

    Highcast 03 is now live! We are very pleased to have Uneven take the controls and present Aprils session. Uneven takes us further down the Halftime Drum and Bass path and treats us to a couple of dubplates along the way in this well balanced mix of deep and atmospheric sounds. Hope you enjoy...
  8. prettyherb

    Sorted Seizure- Lowlands Promomix (halftime & dnb)

    Hey, I've done a quick mix for my upcoming gig in luxemburg later this month. Combination between halftime and dnb stuff. Enjoy! Tracklist: Monty- A Flash of Luck Balatron- Flip Your Hands Klax- Rekanize Levelz- LVL09 Monty- Thinline Control Dub Phizix- Sip a Little bit of Rum ft. Sparkz &...
  9. Ezim4n

    Drum & Bass HIGHCAST 02 with STRUCTURE (Halftime dnb + tracklist) Acid Lab,Nucleus,Homemade Weapons etc

    Hey guys, Here is the second podcast from our Highcast series. In session this time with the mighty Structure! This one taking you to the deeper darker corners of Halftime Drum and Bass. Enjoy Tracklist: Shambala Networks - Space Machinery Acid Lab - Drown Heden & Dyl - Washed Out Dycide -...
  10. Destro Bass

    Destro - Vaporwave EP Now available for FREE DOWNLOAD [5 DNB TUNES]

    ---Grab the latest free drum and bass EP now from Destro--- -Click on shopping cart button on Soundcloud links below for song download-
  11. daveyberkowitz

    Hollow Days - Davey Berkowitz

    A halftime-y tune I made and decided to upload, some hardware, some breaks , echo-y business. enjoy.
  12. Ezim4n

    Drum & Bass HIGHCAST 01 with EZIMAN (Halftime dnb + tracklist) Enei, Breakage, Fixate, Alix Perez, etc

    Hey everyone, I recently started a new music project called High Rank Audio where ill be hosting and recording a series of podcasts or Highcast's as iv called them. The project focuses mainly on Dnb but there will be some Jungle, Dubstep and Reggae/Dub, its really about music that works your...
  13. G

    new producer on the block!

    hey guys got some fresh tracks as im pursuing my new alias hope you guys like its all free and i have plenty lined up for this year! https://gnasheruk.bandcamp.com/ soundcloud.com/gnasheruk facebook.com/gnasheruk
  14. AlPaca

    Looking for halftime tracks with vocals

    Title says it all. Don't know too much about halftime stuff so don't really know where to start looking. This track might give you an idea of the stuff I'm looking for.
  15. Kit_Curse

    Kit Curse - Medication (Free Download)

    Listen: Download: https://kitcurse.bandcamp.com/track/kit-curse-medication
  16. azzybish

    Wonky Half-time Thread

    Couldn't find a thread where it's on the genre as opposed to specific releases. Always on the look out for more stuff but since it's so niche find it quite hard to source new tracks. Post any as a reply with a link to their SC and i'll add them to the OP. Disclaimer: Most of the artists produce...
  17. Destro Bass

    Destro - The Separation Anxiety EP - 4 Track EP FREE DOWNLOAD

    Greetings to all drum and bass loving maniacs out there! Grab my free drum and bass EP now on my Soundcloud page! Feel free to leave any comments and/or feedback in the comments! Biggups to everyone out there working on big tunes on the daily! -Destro...
  18. SoCalJungle

    Multi Genre Noisia Radio anyone?

    Who likes to listen to noisia radio? if you do happen to tune in on a new episode, what are some of your favorite tracks? always preferred their radio podcast simply because imo it's one of the more darker atmosphered podcasts out there with a bit of a nice switchup considering they also play...
  19. DJ_Hex

    Hex - Tribal

    I'm creeping up towards 1000 followers on Soundcloud so to celebrate I'm giving away a track for free! Download will be enabled once I hit the magic number. Tribal goes in on an unusual halftime flex, combining quirky percussion with deep sub and dubbed out smatterings of FX and melody. Check it...