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  1. W

    Bass 16.11.2019 ► SUB'КУЛЬТУРА ● CINEMA BAR ХАУЗ

    ★ DF PROMO ★ presents: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ We are the new SUBCULTURE! SUBКУЛЬТУРА приглашает всех вновь провести вместе приятный субботний вечер:) Как и всегда, вас ожидает щедрая порция актуальной bass музыки самых разных форматов, теплая компания, просторное, уютное и креативно оформленное...
  2. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #9

    facebook.com/thingmusic instagram.com/thingmusic thingmusic.bandcamp.com
  3. DeeGun

    Josh-Hill - Interstellar Transmission @ jungletrain.net (28-10-2017)

  4. DeeGun

    Josh-Hill - Interstellar Transmissions @ Jungletrain.net (23.9.2017)

  5. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #8

    facebook.com/ThingMusic twitter.com/thing_estonia @thing_estonia instagram.com/thingmusic bandcamp.com/thingmusic
  6. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #6

  7. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #5

  8. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #4

  9. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #2

    facebook.com/thingmusic thingmusic.bandcamp.com
  10. daveyberkowitz

    Hollow Days - Davey Berkowitz

    A halftime-y tune I made and decided to upload, some hardware, some breaks , echo-y business. enjoy.
  11. thingmusic

    Thing - Dark Clouds Ahead (Official Video)

    bandcamp ep : https://thingmusic.bandcamp.com/album/dark-clouds-ahead-ep
  12. thingmusic

    Thing - Ninja Ninja Podcast 024

    www.facebook.com/thingmusic soundcloud.com/thing_estonia
  13. Bare Grillz

    DnB Feedback on my new half step tune!

    Made a simply half step tune, in the Exit/Skeptical kind of area, would appreciate feedback and some suggestions on how to maybe improve it, both mix down & general additions! cheers
  14. L.A.S.

    L.A.S. - IPCmafia Beats 01

    Hey everyone, Here is an hour-long one made for our Hungarian webzine 'Impulsecreator' / www.drumandbass.hu. Tunes from the past few months, forthcoming ones and a real classic. Mood: grey. Halfstep, deep scuba-diving, rollers and amen. Enjoy! :) Tracklist: ReDraft & Reminder – Your Love –...
  15. thingmusic

    Thing - Atmospheric treatment

  16. thingmusic

    Thing - Halfstep idea #77733

  17. thingmusic

    Thing - Something new...

  18. thingmusic

    Thing - poltergeist riddim (halfstep)

    Little something new im workin on .... https://www.facebook.com/ThingMusic/ https://thingmusic.bandcamp.com/ https://soundcloud.com/thing_estonia