1. J Clay

    DnB J Clay - Script Flippin'

    One of our favorite guest DJs flips the script in this week’s episode! The talented J Clay (https://www.mixcloud.com/j_clay/) returns for his 4th mix on the podcast and holy shit does he bring it! Featuring 82 minutes of sometimes heavy, sometimes smooth Drum & Bass tracks, this mix embodies...
  2. C

    Power surge - a half-time dnb / beats track

    Hey guys, Here is my latest track called Power surge. It's a beats tune :) Give it a listen and drop a comment if you like it or think something could be changed for the better!
  3. Hash'N'Tag

    DnB Signs' forthcoming whole EP on Division

    I owe this info to talking directly to one of Signs' members (Lionel Goulpié) on FB, since he is a fellow frenchman - yes I like to fetch the info at the source :) The skillful French trio will then be releasing a whole EP on Noisia's Division anytime soon. And yes, it will be half-time dnb...
  4. azzybish

    Wonky Half-time Thread

    Couldn't find a thread where it's on the genre as opposed to specific releases. Always on the look out for more stuff but since it's so niche find it quite hard to source new tracks. Post any as a reply with a link to their SC and i'll add them to the OP. Disclaimer: Most of the artists produce...
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