1. Haifischforscher

    Beatvideo by User74 aka HaiFischForscher

    Hi !! made a small Beatmaking-video, tell me what you think,.. >
  2. Haifischforscher

    HaiFischForscher Beats & Breaks

    Ey Yo ! here's some of my latest breaks, any comment any Feedback is highly appreciated! Peace
  3. Haifischforscher

    HaiFischForscher (aka User74 aka BeatInstinkt)

    Hello, folks !!! My Name is Kai aka HaiFischForscher (aka User74 aka Beatinstinkt) - I am 33 years old and I live in Germany,... I am new to this Forum and also new to producing Drum and Bass !!! I work with Fruity Loops 20. … so if you want to, you can have a listen on my latest soundcloud...
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