1. DeeGun

    GUV - In the Zone III [Jump Up] 17.11.2017

    @Dagz :teeth:
  2. DeeGun

    Innovation pres. Nu:Bass Generation - Summer Blowout 1 & 2 @ Blue Mountain, Bristol July/August 2017

  3. E

    Trying to recreate old synths like Mr Happy & Warning

    Hey guys new here so im not sure if this is the type of thing usually asked/discussed here. Ive spent the last couple of days trying to replicate the bass from Mr Happy or Guv's Warning in serum or massive and failing miserably. Has anyone managed to do this or does anyone know how they made...
  4. M

    can i get a review on this track please - jump up

  5. Large Marge

    Large Marge - 2015 JUMP UP MEGAMIX

    a whole bunch of jump up tunes I liked from this year crammed into just over 20 mins Two Twisted - Grave Diggers Ego Trippin - Reach Deep Complex - Crazy Cops Heist - Lollygag Dub Berzerka - Human Remains Zodiac - Jelly...
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