1. Techbug

    Growl/Reece Bass on Virus Ti

    Hi I would like to create a topic about Growl/Reece bass for Virus Ti users. I would like to see any links that you may have come across or step by step making Growl/Reece on the VirusTI. If you have Patches or you know where you can buy, please post links, videos, samples, examples, step by...
  2. Techbug

    What are your steps to resampling the bassline?

    Hey Guys, I was wondering what steps do you follow when you resampling a bassline? What synth What DAW What Plugins What LFO, OSC, SUB OSC, waveshape, filter. Maybe someone came across any good video that you could post the link I just find myself that I resample on my sampler, but its quite...
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