1. storerettz


    Anyone know what the tune that drops at 0:31 at the end of the New Years countdown. Literally been after the ID of this track for years. Thanks in advance
  2. Intense Records

    Goldie x Skepta - Upstart

    This ones up for pre order now Goldie & Skepta - Upstart with Goldie & Fraims Featuring DRS 'Poisonous Darts' on the flip. Into the mystic. Crank up the amp and drop the needle on the record. Exclusively on vinyl only, it's the cross-genre collaboration everybody's talking about - between...
  3. DeeGun

    Redeyes - BBC Radio 1: DNB60 (11.07.2017)
  4. DeeGun

    Goldie - BBC Radio 1 Residency - 29.6.2017
  5. DeeGun

    DJ Storm presents Kemistry Remembered @ Cargo 28.4.2009

    Loxy & Ink with - Marc Mac (4Hero) - Bailey -...
  6. rhadelman

    Orchestral Drum and bass- Goldie/ Dianne Charlemagne

    Thought I'd share this with you as it's quite different and reworks a classic. It's Goldie's epic Inner City Life reworked live by an orchestra with the original singer Dianne Charlemagne 20 years on. And it's a free download :)...
  7. randomjunglist

    DnB Goldie/Kemistry/Storm Set Tracklist

    I found this solid mix from '96... Anyone got a tracklist for it?
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