1. S

    Alternative Future DnB Album Release

    Hi Guys, you got to check this Alterantive dnb ablum ive made. some say its Derp, other say this is the future of drum and bass, what du you think? check the spotify link, and if you wnat to here some more tracks, check the soundclude https://play.spotify.com/album/7qZXlAd6iONJu1YK3pfPng...
  2. George Cox


    20 minute mix of heavy drum and bass (with hints of other genres) with a hip hop/trap feel to it. different to most of the other neuro tracks. (y) please give feedback on improvements if needed / feel free to like, repost and/or follow
  3. BFFL

    House BFFL - Blue Nightmare (Original Mix)

  4. izibezzin

    Multi Genre https://soundcloud.com/monotone-398352706/bass-and-ting

    yeah basically a mix of tunes ive been listening to and playing out. was done literally via a keyboard on a laptop but hey ho, didnt really know where else to share it haha Heres part two it cut out halfway through the mix which was peak haah
  5. Bare Grillz

    'Future'/Recent Jungle - Production tips for new break manipulation etc

    'Ello guys. I'm trying to get into that 'future jungle' production style, but have no idea how they get their breaks done to such a high/sharp/'cutting through' standard. Talking about that 'Deep In The Jungle Recs' style vibe. High speed, heavy breaks but old skool style, very crisp and clean...
  6. Under the city

    Under The City - The Death Of Social Networks Ep (D&B/Neurofunk - Out 15.11.15 - SDD Enterprise)

    Under The City - The Death Of Social Networks Ep Drum & Bass/Neurofunk Release Date: 15.11.15 Label: SDD Enterprise http://suicidedubz.co.uk/ This is my new Ep. I hope you like it! 01 - The Death Of Social Networks 02 - Electricity 03 - Dehumanization 04 - Vanquish Feedback, share and...
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