1. DeeGun

    Fracture - Quest Mix @ BBC Radio 1Xtra - 28.3.2018

    Dawn Day Night – Alcoholic Dancefloor [Astrophonica] Fracture – Werk It [Exit] Stray – Blink [Astrophonica] Fracture feat. Lucie La Mode – Take You [Astrophonica] Fracture feat. Inaya Daya – Cold & Rain [Astrophonica] Taso & Fracture – Lose You VIP [CIA] Fracture – No Screwface DJ Earl &...
  2. DeeGun

    Multi Genre Fracture - 2018Q1 Mix

  3. nostrill

    DnB Nostrill - TBG: Play or Die II live @ Pixie Underground

    first post on this forum so hey y'all. this mix was recorded live at Pixie Underground (Istanbul) There's a download link in soundcloud and tracklist below, hope you'll enjoy Tracklist: Graphs - Falling Inward Danny Scrilla - Riddim DJ Madd - Sound Executor DJ Madd - Shinobi J Kenzo - Skatta...
  4. E

    Fracture x Kid Drama - Pleasure District 005

    Fracture / Fracture x Kid Drama - Remember The Time / Tell Me How (feat. Lucie LaMode) So glad this is finally getting a release. Been waiting on these tunes ever since I heard them in the Heart Drive podcasts :) Pleasure District 005 will be released on the 4th of December. Audio previews HERE
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