1. Y

    DnB help a brother out

    can any1 help me with this track that was played at a local dnb jig a year ago. Have been trying to look for it since. Vocals are just a MC raping over it, not actually part of the song.
  2. prophetmusic

    DnB Hedex main bass??? Help

    yo guys i'm currently working on a hedex inspired track but i'm really stuck on the sound design of the bass and there's literally no tutorials on the web so if anyone could help I'd appreciate any help thanks
  3. Teflon DNB

    Follow me and il follow back

    HELLO DNB WORLD!! just saying hi and sharing my mix. Follow me and il follow back!!!!!
  4. Teflon DNB


    Hey peeps!! Have a listen, big up! New (been before but haven't used for years) here!!! I'm happy to listen to mixes! Thanks for listening and reading. Tef
  5. D

    What happened to db9 ????

    I was digging this site for many years, then one day there is a goat and then several years later he's still there on the site. dnb in my life has not been the same since. The mixes were amazing. What happened? Thanks. DT.
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