1. Missunderstood

    DnB Mysterious as the dark side of the soon

    Heya guys, Here is my very first mix, I've done it ages ago with some shitty decks but I decide to post it anyway. Because Drum and Bass is my therapy, I wanna share it with all of you guys, and I hope you'll enjoy it! Feel free to share and tell me what you think about it All advices are...
  2. Missunderstood

    DNB is my therapy

    Yoooooo ! My name's Vanessa, I'm 20 years (btw i made a mistake when I created my account, so can any admin please changes my year of birth 2002 to 1997 lol great thank you)... So I'm French and I moved in London 8 months ago... I left everything, my parents, my bro, my puppies, my friends...
  3. Ezim4n

    DnB Any london based female dnb djs out there?

    I see a lots of male dj's / producers everywhere and they pretty much dominate the whole dj world. Its always great to see a female dj step up to the decks and unleash the bass. Any female djs out there? or female dj nights going on in London?
  4. M

    DnB Female Vocal

    Hello, you can help to identify the track? http://www9.zippyshare.com/v/Uc7WRlX0/file.html Thanks!
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