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  1. DeeGun

    NSFW NYE, Whisky, The Green and General Midlife Crisis Thread

    I´m off work since the 21st of December now and I have done fuck all but housework. On the 23rd I met with a couple of friends, we live in the same state but not really next door to each other so that is one you need to take. Great evening but time flew and I was so drunk that I remember - fuck...
  2. DeeGun

    Your Compilation / Sampler

    I was wondering where this dream line up thread is buried but hey. Drop your own comp/sampler here. 1. Zero B - Lock up (Monolith Mix) 2. Shades of Rhythm - Sound of Eden 3. PP Orange - My feelings 4. Jennifer Lucas - Take on higher 5. Jason Joy - Free your body (Piano Mix) 6. Release - Dance...
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