UK Hip Hop. Classical Samples. Dirty Bass. Dark Thoughts. Production Experiments. Home Recording

    Wasson guys, any feedback/ criticism please! Dark original track (V1) of the track. I'm not a rapper, I'm not a musician but I fkn love all types of sound! Look after yourselves through this crazy time! Stable mentality is everything. Support each other. One and the same.
  2. Kyam_Music

    Unbidden Audio (Kyam Imprint - dark / tribal / jungle / experimental etc)

    Hi all. I've recently set up an imprint (Unbidden Audio) - focus on dark / experimental / tribal / breaks. The first release (my Underside LP) was released yesterday. If anyone wants to check it, full stream / CD / download is now up at bandcamp: https://unbiddenaudio.bandcamp.com/releases...
  3. DeeGun

    Dubstep Digital Mystikz Guest Mix @ Mary Anne Hobbs´ Experimental (BBC Radio 1) 2.9.2010

    Grace Jones – Love You To Life (DMZ remix) Digital Mystikz – Education Digital Mystikz – Marduk Digital Mystikz – Eyez Digital Mystikz – Emergency Digital Mystikz – 2 Much Chat Digital Mystikz – Runway Andreya Triana – Town Called Ob (DMZ remix) Digital Mystikz – Enter Digital Mystikz – Animal...
  4. DAR-KO-mIN


    Hello friends I was wondering what your opinions were on this its very experimental DnB; basically double time Darkstep/Neurofunk. Please let me know what you think!
  5. E

    Music, HARD...almost impossible to find the tune id.

    Sup. There is a video that i've been watching for almost 1 year and a half. What i really want and i hope u like are the song/s that are in background. 1 friend and i have been told that song may be neurofunk, downtempo, others genres like that. And we think is some kind of experimental song...
  6. Kit_Curse

    Kit Curse - Medication (Free Download)

    Listen: Download: https://kitcurse.bandcamp.com/track/kit-curse-medication
  7. NOISE London

    **NOISE TEST** Bristol launch - with Clarity, Ruffhouse, Throwing Snow, Kolectiv, Crypticz, Strago++

    A night dedicated to testing unreleased music on a club soundsystem. Established, respected & budding producers bringing the unheard, raw heat to Bristol. After a successful 6 year run in London (which started off with a residents' Christmas party where they were only allowed to play the music...
  8. N

    Monoceros by DYL [Nord Label] - Out Now

    On Nord Label number 6 DYL finally makes his appearance with his first solo EP here on Nord Label. He has been part of the Nord Label family from the early days and we’ve been working with him on two previous releases, during which the idea of a solo EP has been growing with every day. As with...
  9. thingmusic

    Thing - Little experimental tribe stepper aka medieval arms & armor

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