1. Lossless Music

    Soul Intent - No Answers (Concealed Identity Remix) Exkursions 002

    Exkursions 002 [EXKUR002] A1. Soul Intent - No Answers (Concealed Identity Remix) B1. Concealed Identity - Zahir B2. Odyssia - Tribes Limited edition pink and black marbled 12" vinyl Mastered and cut by Shane @ Finyl Tweek Release Notes: For the second vinyl instalment on Exkursions (Lossless...
  2. Lossless Music

    Soul Intent Vs Acid Lab "Clash Of Headz" Dope Plates 003

    Dope Plates 003 DOPE003 A1. Soul Intent Vs Acid Lab "Clash Of Headz B1. Soul Intent "Move" (Vinyl/Bandcamp Exclusive) B2. Pepsi Slammer "Mike Alert" Limited Edition 12" Blood Red Vinyl Mastered and Cut by Shane @ Finyl Tweak "Dope Plates is back with more old skool influenced breakbeat joy...
  3. Lossless Music

    Lossless Music presents Exkursions

    Lossless Music announces new sub-label Exkursions..... Soul Intent, Odyssia, Datson Drifting Exkursions 001 / EXKUR001 Release: Out 22nd January 2015 Formats: Blue/Black marbled vinyl & Digital A. Soul Intent & Odyssia "Drifting" B1. Soul Intent "No Answers" B2. Soul Intent & Datson "The...
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