1. DeeGun

    Thumpa - History Of Evolution Records 1996 - 2003

    01. Scott Brown - Andromeda (EV25) 02. SCott Brown - Rock That Body (EV23) 03. Interstate - Don't You Worry (EV24) 04. Q-Tex - The End Of Time (EV26) 05. Scott Brown - Dream On (EV28) 06. Scott Brown - Outside World (EV30) 07. Scott Brown - Wheels Of Fortune (EV29) 08. Scott Brown - Heaven's...
  2. K

    USB/MIDI out in MK-449C

    Hello, mega noob question here... apparently too basic to be addressed explicitly in the manual or in online reviews. I just received an MK449C. Short question: can I get power in AND music out through USB, ie with just one cable? Or do I need USB for power, plus MIDI for music out? Regards
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