1. nostrill

    DnB Nostrill - TBG: Play or Die II live @ Pixie Underground

    first post on this forum so hey y'all. this mix was recorded live at Pixie Underground (Istanbul) There's a download link in soundcloud and tracklist below, hope you'll enjoy Tracklist: Graphs - Falling Inward Danny Scrilla - Riddim DJ Madd - Sound Executor DJ Madd - Shinobi J Kenzo - Skatta...
  2. Critical Music


    We're back in London at venue Mangle Tickets are selling fast!- DICE.FM (no booking fee) // Resident Advisor ALL CRITICAL LINE UP!
  3. wingz

    DnB Vollkontakt TV #1

    Vollkontakt is a drum and bass night based in Vienna, hosting parties in Austria since 2005. The series "Vollkontakt tv" is a project that will feature guestmixes and interviews from both local and international dj guests. First up is an Enei interview coupled with guest mixes by WINGZ, SUMMIT...
  4. Della

    20min mix [179/180] likes of Enei, Breakage, Lynx - first upload in too long!

    Enjoy! Any comments/feedback welcome. MP3 download - dnbshare.com/download/DELLAMIXJAN2016.mp3.html WAV download via sound cloud Just One Look ft. Charli Brix - Enei Solid State - Noble Kill Dem - Breakage Chord Time - Lynx Give It Up - Break The Ghetto - Jam Thieves Patience ft. D-Bridge -...
  5. F

    Can someone ID this break for me?

    Hi Guys At roughly 3:20 lots of splashy rides come in. I can hear of course that its layered with a kick and a oneshot ride to fill it out more but can anyone hear what the original break is? I recognise it but cant find work out what it is. (I think its a classic break) Thanks
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