1. P

    POBED1T - Judgement Day (2021)

    POBED1T - Judgement Day (2021) Genre: Drum and Bass BandLink
  2. Rekle$$


    Established way back in 2011, Ten Ton Beat has been at the fore front of upfront drum and bass music. With 2 labels under the Ten Ton umbrella Ten Ton beats and Ten Tons Deeper have been combined to create a playlist that represents all corners of drum and bass, from Jump up to liquid to neuro...
  3. Matt

    Help with Cubase drum software

    Hi Guys, I need advice on which drum plug-in to get for cubase because groove agent is not making the cut. I need a drum plug-in that can take samples from my own kit/cymbals, have 808 bass/electronic drum pad sounds built in and also built in samples from real authentic live kits. Any...
  4. SoulDefiance

    DnB Soul Defiance - We Defy Mix - Volume 2 (inc. Tracklist)

    Hey guys, check out my second We Defy series mix: Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Soul Defiance
  5. SoulDefiance

    DnB Soul Defiance - We Defy Mix - Volume 1 (inc. Tracklist)

    Hey Guys, I'm new to the forum - check out my first instalment of my mix series including some dubs by me! 1 Silly (DJ Marky VIP) by DJ Marky 2 Defiant Dub by Soul Defiance 3 Complain (Original Mix) by Calibre 4 Jamming (Original Mix) by Neve, Was A Be 5 Moments of Lust (Makoto Remix) by...
  6. E

    Music, HARD...almost impossible to find the tune id.

    Sup. There is a video that i've been watching for almost 1 year and a half. What i really want and i hope u like are the song/s that are in background. 1 friend and i have been told that song may be neurofunk, downtempo, others genres like that. And we think is some kind of experimental song...
  7. Amusement Audio

    DnB AMUSE006 Announced! MARX - Your Move / Stimulate

    Artist: Marx Track titles: Your Move / Stimulate ft Romano and Wildee Release date: 16/01/2017 Catalogue number: AMUSE006 Marx making moves with Amusement Audio! The label certainly showcased three wicked releases in 2016 and to kick start the New Year we are coming with some more exciting...
  8. Becky

    Liquid Intelligent Drum & Bass Mix broadcast on Ibiza Sonica Radio

    Hey guys! Please check out the mix I did for Ibiza Sonica Radio :) That's me talking on it too. ;) Hope you like it!! (yn)
  9. grizzygrantt

    grizzygrantt. rapper, writer, mixer, freak.

    At first you know there was just this depressed kid named Grant. Technically, I don't and have no control of his narrative no more. He very much exists inna dope crazy underground horror place now. This horrid place is called D.E.C.K City. Sometimes, I cannot reflect myself that Grizzy controls...
  10. NuVentureRecord

    ► SND - Forbidden EP [NVR023: OUT NOW!] ◄

    ► SND - Forbidden EP [NVR023: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 3 x Minimal DnB! | Listen here: bit.ly/023SC ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/023BC (*£1.99* + FREE TRACK & MIX!) [Beatport] bit.ly/023BP (*£3.90*) [iTunes] bit.ly/023iT (*£2.49*) [Juno] bit.ly/023Juno (*£2.49*) [TrackItDown] bit.ly/TiDNVR (*£3.36*)...

    Soulful, wavy, and electric

    Check out the first NTRL RLBS original single "All Your Love" and our Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Remix! https://soundcloud.com/ntrlrbls
  12. M

    Sound cloud

    Listen to my music on soundcloud.com @max the nappy dj (new artist) leave critism like and follow me
  13. izibezzin

    Multi Genre https://soundcloud.com/monotone-398352706/bass-and-ting

    yeah basically a mix of tunes ive been listening to and playing out. was done literally via a keyboard on a laptop but hey ho, didnt really know where else to share it haha Heres part two it cut out halfway through the mix which was peak haah
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