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  1. Prime Suspect

    Very useful content for music producers, audio and autistic engineers, and DJs.

    Hello to DnB producers, audio and acoustic engineers, DJs, and musicians. Today I would like to tell you about a wonderful project, in which I was honored to take part. Sorry for self-promotion but I guess it can be useful. It is a book, written by a team of professional music producers, sound...
  2. B

    DnB ▶ Origins Of The Outerworld The 'Debut Album' OUT NOW!

    Origins Of The Outerworld [ LP ] by The Outerworld Another Earth 06:18 Palmistry 07:35 Under The Stars 08:11 Gamma Rays 07:29 Aurelia 07:43 Space & Aviation 08:15 eXistenZ 07:02 Approaching the Unknown 07:32 CrystalForms 07:00 Elysium Planitia 08:00 Undiscoverd Space 08:20 Alpine Breath...
  3. NuVentureRecord

    Black Opps - Babylon Recruits // Vibe Chemistry - One Too Many Times [NVR031: OUT NOW!]

    ► Black Opps - Babylon Recruits // Vibe Chemistry - One Too Many Times ◄ - NVR031: OUT NOW! Ragga / Jungle DnB | Listen: www.bit.ly/031SC - → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/031BC (*£1.69* + FREE Track & Mix!) [Beatport] bit.ly/031BP (*£2.60*) [iTunes] bit.ly/031IT (*£1.98*) [Juno] bit.ly/031Juno...
  4. T

    Radio Psyself Radio - EDM Player - Android / iPhone app for electronic music lovers

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is not the right place for this post. I just wanted to share with you a mobile app for streaming electronic music. I was hoping it might be interesting or useful for someone here. There is nothing really fancy, the app simply collects music from different online media...
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