1. DeeGun

    MA:SSIVE Podcast #5 - Dub Elements

    01. Black Sun Empire feat. Virus Syndicate - Caterpillar (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) 02. Trei & The Upbeats - Tonto (Dub Elements Remix) 03. Fourward - Wolfe 04. Dub Elements - Thunder 05. Drumsound & Bassline Smith - Wardance 06. Dub Elements feat. Miss Trouble - ID 07. Black Sun Empire...
  2. DeeGun

    Kursiva - Eatbrain Podcast 63

    Kursiva - Temple Meads Kursiva - ID Mark Galaxy - Event Horizon Vici feat. Miss Understood - Glow Kursiva, Loop Stepwalker & Few But Crazy - Speedline Mefjus - If I Could ABIS - If U L 33 - Pulse Rate Kursiva - Waveform Shapeshifter Maztek & Aeph - The Dirt Agressor Bunx - Thunder Jade &...
  3. DeeGun

    Fourward - Eatbrain Podcast 62

    Fourward - Wölfe Prolix feat. Ben Verse - Run the Beat Abis & Signal & Tasha Baxter - The Wall Mampi Swift - The One (InsideInfo Remix) Fourward feat. Virus Syndicate - Bring Back The Rukus Phace & Noisia - Drawback (Annix Remix) Jam Thieves - Brooklyn A.M.C - Spark Out Abis & Signal - Give &...
  4. DeeGun

    EATBRAIN Podcast 060 - L 33

  5. DeeGun

    Mindscape - EATBRAIN Podcast 058

    Mindscape - Fiend or Foe Kursiva - Provoke ft. Hijak Mr. Frenkie - Bass Symptom L 33 - So Dope ft. Coppa Akov - Games With God Gydra, Optiv & CZA - Raw Code Mindscape - Deep Void ft. Hijak RedPill - Fading Current Value - Periodicy Des McMahon - Dopamine VIP Rhesu5 - Impossible Mindscape - Shut...
  6. DeeGun

    EATBRAIN Podcast 056 - Gydra
  7. Lopass

    DnB Fresh mix with heavy tunes - lots of neuro & techstep

    Hi all! I'm new here and wanted to share my latest mix. I've always been a fan of the heavier side of DnB so expect lots of weighty bangers in this mix. Would love to get some feedback! A picture of your bass-face while listening would also be great :D Cheers! Tracklist: 1 - Kursiva - Hydra...

    EATBRAIN: Best of 2016

    Check it out! Download mix: Download video:
  9. Hash'N'Tag

    DnB Agressor Bunx's new ALBUM!

    Jade said it on electro-news: the nasty Bunx are releasing an album on Eatbrain in 2017. More TBA... Source:
  10. Double U

    Neurofunk Mix Eatbrain Contest

    Just finished this mix, put a lot of effort in it. Expect some filthy Neurofunk madness. Tracklist: Black Sun Empire - Don’t You (State of Mind Remix) Black Sun Empire - Pull the Trigger Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Bad Prolix & Rido - Exploration (Neonlight Remix) Disphonia - Back To...
  11. K

    What's the name of this song

    Link to the mix: In this mix there's a song that i can't recognise. It goes from min 16.07 until min 16.30. Please,enlight me!
  12. InReach

    Introducing L 33

    So, a while ago I was sent an album sampler from Eatbrain for the Karate LP…this was absolutely rinsed wherever I went and has been the cause of a trail of destruction across the UK road networks while I travel from place to place. I have never looked forward to a release as much as this; The...
  13. Double U

    DnB K Vision - Neurofunk Madness 2016

    Hey guys! Mixed some dark, funky and electric neuro tunes together, hope you like it! Follow me on: Tracklist: State of Mind - Mr. Cover Up(Neonlight Remix) Telekinesis & Concord Dawn - Nightwalkers Machine Code - Evacuation Qo - Killcode ft. Nuklear MC Black...
  14. E

    Billain - Colonize EP (EATBRAIN019)

    First piece of audio is up! This EP is sounding really wicked. The artwork almost has a Mad Max feel to it but with a twist. Plus there's a storyline behind the EP. Love how Billain is creating a whole universe with his music :D Here's the Colonize EP trailer.. looks like a trailer to a...
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