1. DAR-KO-mIN

    DnB Halftime/Technoid DnB labels similar Samurai Music

    Yo sup anyone know of any smaller labels that release music similar to Homemade Weapons and that style of music found on Samurai Music? They don't accept DEMOS and I'd like to find a few similar labels to try; that release like Dark Halftime/Technoid DnB/Dub-Techno and stuff like that.
  2. Manu Forti

    Techno Glacia - Lorider [Dub Techno]

    Describing the track himself as "Slow but fierce techno stomper with dubby elements." i differ a little... More a feeling of perfect breathing space for the subtle ambience that manifests into a work of architectural, structural, and musical genius. Glacia always pushes the experimental and all...
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