1. OaT

    DnB [Free Download!] Fresh DJ-Set, Newcomer - 40min - EDM, Neurofunk, Dark, Dubstep

    This is my second take at a Set. Open for critizism! Tracklist upon request. - OaT
  2. M

    Dubstep Meta-physical Dubstep

    These tunes will open up doors to whole new worlds for you. Sampling great scientists from Shini Somara to Michio Kaku, my beats are ranging in style from scientific to meta-physical. Again, a lot of mental doors will open for you if you listen to my music.
  3. Ezim4n

    Tunes that start 140bpm and transist to 172bpm?

    Any recommendations people? cheers
  4. Ezim4n

    TONIGHT! High Rank Audio Presents: Bass Invaders (Free Entry) East London Uk

    Welcome earthlings to the invasion your sound receptors have been waiting for! Bringing you the finest selection of DJs this side of the universe with the perfect cocktail of underground bass music venturing from Reggae, Dub, Dubstep to Jungle and Drum and Bass. We'll be Invading spaces you...
  5. Alert

    [Oblivion Fringe 153] Alert “Subclinical” (dubstep)

    [Oblivion Fringe 153] Alert “Subclinical” 01: Conjure Dust 02: Subclinical on Juno Download on Digital-Tunes on Beatport on Bandcamp
  6. L_G

    Gee & Stupid F - Täiskuu / Full Moon

    ILLCD067: Higha Collection 9 / Lejal Genes Buy links: https://itunes.apple.com/album/higha-collection-9/id1187830907 https://play.spotify.com/album/3lZbiwW9hR2dKMrty5DzDK https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAIU8ZH etc. Gee @ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/geewooaah Gee @ Lejal Genes...
  7. J

    Multi Genre DnB Ciudad de México

    I have just moved to Mexico City and I am looking for good drum and bass/ dubstep/ trance nights in the city. Thanks He trasladado a Ciudad de México y busco para DnB, Dubstep y trance eventos bueno en la Ciudad. Gracias
  8. BFFL

    Dubstep BFFL - Gunslinger

    Here is the latest project i have been working on and i would love some feedback xD
  9. Sonar000Hz

    Multi Genre Om Unit - Edits vol 1 - 3 (Xmas 2016)

    Om Unit - Edits vol 1 - 3 (Xmas 2016) 1. Vibes Is Right 04:01 2. Power Of Love 05:27 3. Le Singe 04:36 4. Traum 04:51 5. Testimony 04:36 6. Soil 08:00 Name your price at Bandcamp: https://omunit.bandcamp.com/album/edits-vol-1-3-xmas-2016
  10. bhksamples

    Save 50% on all BHK Samples libraries!

    We have a special deal for all heavyweight bassmusic producer! All our sample & synth packs are on sale until November 18th. Apply the coupon code "xtra5" in cart and save 50%! bhksamples.com
  11. BFFL

    Dubstep BFFL - SPARTAN (Leave Feedback)

    Enjoy and Leave Feedback
  12. kiD.It

    Dubstep [ZXZ Dubstep] PPAP Pen Pineapple Apple Pen (BOIRIA Remix)

    Best Dubstep Music, music without limitations. ▽ Connect with ZXZ Magic ☞ Fanpage facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ZXZ.Magic/ ☞ Subscribe YT : https://goo.gl/UKZmun ☞ Blog : http://z7zone.com ♫ Music: https://goo.gl/37kxZu ♫ Download Here: https://goo.gl/S69OCY...
  13. kiD.It

    Dubstep Best Dubstep List Update everyday

    Summer 2016 Mix | Deep & Tropical House | Electro House | Party Club | Trap Mix | Gaming Music Hey guys, I would like to share to you the best Dubstep Music List. Now, let enjoy the below list with me :2thumbs: The Best Dubstep List
  14. NuVentureRecord

    Nu Venture Records EDM Sessions: 2016 [OUT NOW! DnB/Dubstep/Garage!]

    ► Nu Venture Records EDM Sessions: 2016 [NVR033: OUT NOW!!!] ◄ - 39 Tracks ONLY £6.45 | DnB Dubstep & Garage | www.bit.ly/033SC - → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] bit.ly/033BC (*£6.45* Direct from NVR!) [Beatport] bit.ly/033BP (*£17.75*) [iTunes] bit.ly/033IT (*£7.99*) [Juno] bit.ly/033Juno (*£7.49*)...
  15. BFFL

    DnB Taylor Swift - Shake it off (BFFL REMIX)

    Hey Folks, I just released a new remix i made and i would love some feedback (O-O)
  16. djfattrip

    Dubstep Some Merky Beats for free!!

    Ola!! here's some grime/dubstep beats for ya! Any constructive criticism would be great! Everydays a school day!!
  17. RA:SKL

    EZ Crew

    Hi there, I'm RA:SKL. I've been producing DnB and Dubstep for a few years. Pretty new to forums and stuff. Feel free to check out some of my latest and oldest bits on http://www.soundcloud.com/rasklmusic Big Up!
  18. Ghosthack

    90 Free Trap and Dubstep Samples

    I have an ongoing series of free trap and dubstep sample packs since 2010 and released now number 6, this time with 90 files, featuring basslines, drum samples, pads, buildups, 808 stuff and presets for Serum and Massive. Check them here, a valid email address is required...