1. Jonas Xenon

    Xenon - Hypothermia EP DSCI4032

    Ahead of the general release of my "Hypothermia EP" on the 11th May, the EP is available exclusively on Beatport for two weeks. The EP has also been chosen by Beatport as a featured release for this week! I’m super stoked that it's been chosen by them and couldn’t wish for a better label to...
  2. PRTCL

    PRTCL - Terminal EP - OUT NOW on DSCI4

    Hi all, I wanted to share the full clips for my release entitled 'Terminal', out now on DSCI4. The release is running as a Beatport exclusive for two weeks and it'll be on all other platforms, including Spotify, in two weeks. The link to Beatport is here as well...
  3. PRTCL

    A few cuts from my forthcoming DSCI4 EP

    Hi Forum crew, Here are a few cut coming on my forthcoming DSCI4 EP, I hope you enjoy: Nice one, Joe
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