1. J

    The UK Hip Hop Mix: Vol 2 (The Four Owls, Ocean Wisdom, Coops, Jack Jetson & More)

    The second edition in a series of UK Hip Hop mixes. Keeping the energy levels high on this one, rolling beats and sharp lyrics guaranteed to get your head bopping. If your into your UK Hip Hip please give this a listen. Please drop me a comment if you want to hear more or have any...
  2. L

    DnB Lost Planet of Bass

    Check check check it out guys.. a bit dark with complex drums.
  3. Hydro78

    DnB Hippies Invasion!

    Hippies are coming! Check check ==>>
  4. K

    Addictive Drums 2 question

    Addictive Drums 2 is currently half price @ Plugin Boutique for anyone interested. My question is what are the standard presets like? As they are also offering the XL version which features something like 6 extra add-on packs for an extra £70. Is this worth buying or is the standard sample-set...
  5. K

    Cleaning up Amen breaks

    Yo, can anyone give tips on how to create clean sounding Amen breaks like can be heard in this: Cheers!
  6. A


    So I've been working on this drum pattern and this is how its turned out fully processed and what not. I've only been producing 4 months so go easy haha I know they probably dont sound the best but I am wondering what I could improve on. any feedback would help a lot
  7. A

    Essential plugins to have

    hey so I was just wondering what plugins do you think are essential for dnb production. I have all the fabfilters but that is about it. I dont care how much they are just tell me what they are and what they do :) cheers in advance
  8. THE Dominion Order


  9. THE Dominion Order

    DnB The Order

    DJ's.. We're not a station.. We are a Collective We primarily use Technics Turntables and occasionally CDJ's. We spin Original acid house (if and when we find the right soldier for the job) Oldschool DNB ( new and old ) JUNGLE (new and old ) 140 Beats We NEVER use sync buttons. We NEVER...
  10. THE Dominion Order

    3 RONIN

    Live now 3 RONIN D-S Dopamine D-S Dark Angel D-S Descend Main stream thedominionorder.co.uk Facebook Live Chewtv
  11. Matt

    Help with Cubase drum software

    Hi Guys, I need advice on which drum plug-in to get for cubase because groove agent is not making the cut. I need a drum plug-in that can take samples from my own kit/cymbals, have 808 bass/electronic drum pad sounds built in and also built in samples from real authentic live kits. Any...
  12. M

    Need Advice on Drum Plug ins for cubase

    Hey guys, I need to find a drum plug-in for cubase. I'm looking for one that can; use samples from my own kit/cymbals, provide 808 sounds/ electronic 'pad' sounds and also give me authentic drum samples from elsewhere. Thought I would try a forum for answers :) Any help is much appreciated...
  13. The Crossbeat Drummer

    TCD - War Drums 1 Hour Battle!!

    Starts off not too great but gets pretty interesting with some very good parts. Made on ableton live music software. Enjoy the battle! :)
  14. FireWire Music

    DnB FireWire - Sonus (Feedback and track showcase)

    So after a while of being absent, here is my 2nd track. Hope you like it, and btw. do you guys know any promotion channels that would be willing to upload it? Appreciate it. :)
  15. ReevahRaw


    This Friday 11-3 Upstairs @ The Mash House 37 Guthrie st Edinburgh. £3/£2!! On the door... This one is definitely not to be missed!!! RAW is back with a beefed up sound system... All styles of DNB catered for by our resident DJs https://www.facebook.com/events/1877565362457031/?ti=icl
  16. Villem

    Villem & McLeod Present: After Hours Sample Pack

    Ez crew, We have been busy creating the next batch of samples for you, we focused on what's important, Drums and Bass! We dug deep, finding breakbeat samples that had not been used before and gave them the 2017 174bpm treatment. Lots of bass samples ranging from filthy to smooth, on top of...
  17. ReevahRaw

    Raw Fri 24th March

    Raw DNB 24th March @ Mash House, Guthrie Street, Edinburgh 11pm-3am....monthly Drum And Bass Ft Aesthetics, Jammin, Recon and Reevah no rwnds no Mc's.... just raw heavy beats!!
  18. bhksamples

    Save 50% on all BHK Samples libraries!

    We have a special deal for all heavyweight bassmusic producer! All our sample & synth packs are on sale until November 18th. Apply the coupon code "xtra5" in cart and save 50%! bhksamples.com
  19. dj dispatch

    Jump Up Dj

    i am a jump up dj and i want to perform at more events. i am currently a resident on effect fm london, and have also performed at next hype london. i do not charge for bookings. please feel free to get in contact
  20. Samlovell

    April Mix, first go CC welcome!

    https://soundcloud.com/user-958904249 There is a bit of skipping within the 6-10 min region, can assure you it's the crappy laptop though! some corrections in the mix as well which I'm aware of but yeah all constructive criticism welcome! Recorded via 2x XDJ 1000's and a 4 channel numark...
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