1. Igor_1

    Medium mix (collabs with End.User&Submerged)

    Medium 2017 Promotional mix including collabs with Submerged, End.User. Brand new tunes from upcoming album on Ohm Resistance 01. Medium - Evolution of the Universe [Ohm resistance] 02. Medium - Thriller (0:01:28)[Ohm resistance] 03. Medium - Spirals (0:03:18) [Ohm resistance] 04. Medium - Born...
  2. Hultaj

    VOODOOM - Tribesmen EP (PRSPCT RVLT 016)

    VOODOOM - Tribesmen EP (PRSPCT RVLT 016) Another awesome EP on PRSPCT. If you're into stuff like Dylan's Virus or Tech Itch's Rukkus you'll be satisfied :) All of the jungle/amen/breakcore heads should be happy with this one as well.
  3. bhksamples

    Save 50% on all BHK Samples libraries!

    We have a special deal for all heavyweight bassmusic producer! All our sample & synth packs are on sale until November 18th. Apply the coupon code "xtra5" in cart and save 50%! bhksamples.com
  4. E


    >>> REMIX OPPORTUNITY <<< Hey, producers. We are very happy to announce our second remix competition This time for Fiendreflex latest track '‪#‎Snap‬' from the forthcoming EP '‪#‎Timestop‬' >>> LINKS <<< Soundcloud Competition Page: https://goo.gl/xVUMHB Remix parts: https://goo.gl/pZkXki Get...
  5. Marc Aurora

    DnB Marc Aurora - Highlife Podcast

    Hey! I recently started a podcast of my own and i got 2 episodes out by now. I'm new to this forum but already excited about it since i didn't know that there exists a site like this! So please, enjoy the music and leave some feedback if you can, it will be appreciated! Thanks! Episode 1...
  6. Hultaj

    DnB Counterstrike - Fear Division Destruction

    Mighty Counterstrike are comming back with the new album. This time you can hear they take a lot of influences from modern neuro, like many other hard dnb producers, but still you can tell it is good, old Counterstrike. Some trancey riffs, some nice reeses, hard snares. I only wish there was...
  7. M

    Multi Genre Crossover kind of DnB Trance

    Hi everyone I'd appreciate your feedback on this track that I've been working on lately: How it is built, the sound and production quality, the general appeal, ... Thanks in advance!
  8. C

    Oldschool DnB track ID '96 - '99

    Does anybody know any of these 3 cuts from this live mix? I need to identify at least the first one! These are short cuts from DJ Aphrodite's live mix at Hultsfred festival in Sweden in June 1999, so these tracks were released probably between 1996 and 1999. Please help me to identify them. Many...
  9. B


    ACE BASS have teamed up with DISTINCT AUDIO to bring the party to the TAP 'N' TIN, in a night guaranteed to bring you "All Styles and All Sounds" of latest and greatest Drum & Bass. EVENT PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/events/1223892344304169/ For this instalment Charge Recording's head...
  10. T

    New D&B Artist here, Please check out my productions

    Big ups D&B Lovers. Just thought i would say hi and introduce myself to you all on here. I am a UK Drum & Bass Artist, signed to Allowance Records & Exitus Records in London. I have facebook, soundcloud, twitter, youtube accounts etc.......So you can always keep up with my latest releases...
  11. TCB666

    My latest mix on Hearthis.at by Busbee

    Not a perfect mix but still enjoyed seeing what I could come up with. Enjoy! Also available for a free download. Feedback welcome. https://hearthis.at/busbee/dance-to-this/ Tracklist: Ed Rush & Optical - Pacman Mindscape - Gene Labs Black Sun Empire & Noisia - Hideous D*Minds & Dirty Harry -...
  12. L

    DJ Loco - Jumping Sumo pt.2 - Jump Up Mix 2015

    Another Download: https://hearthis.at/loco.wize/dj-loco-jumping-sumo-pt2-drum-bass-mix-2015/
  13. Derelicts Of Tomorrow

    DnB Data Drop feat. Starry Nite - Dirty Minds (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix) - Faction Digital *OUT NOW*

    My jungle remix of Data Drop's tune "Dirty Minds" OUT NOW on Faction Digital Recordings!!!!!! Pick up your copy of this summer's jungle anthem @ Amazon, DjTunes, Digital-Tunes, Juno and many other online stores!!! :teeth:
  14. AR Events

    OUT NOW!!! FiendReflex Ft. Gina Lola - A Better Life EP & Remixes

    Hey guys, Here is my latest Drum'n'Bass release. OUT NOW (BEATPORT EXC AND CD RELEASE) on Allowance Records ► Fiendreflex Ft. Gina Lola - A Better Life Inc, REMIXES from Aces.R / Nicky Havey / Trixta UK / Quartizone https://goo.gl/6NBlTn (Soundcloud) "A Better Life EP is a beautifully crafted...
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