1. Shwarz

    [Drum & Bass] Emma Harrop - Dark poison (Shwarz remix)

  2. TCB666

    {Free Download} My latest mix on Hearthis.at by TCBusbee

    {Free Download here:} https://hearthis.at/busbee/busbee-dnb-master-mix-12252015/ Tracklist: Mediks - Speakers Vibrate Nymfo - Top Secret Artificial Intelligence - Thundercloud Digital - Captive Enei - Z Grab Icicle - Late Hours Scar - Skank Demon Calibre - Bogeyman Bullshit Rufige Kru -...
  3. B


    ACE BASS have teamed up with DISTINCT AUDIO to bring the party to the TAP 'N' TIN, in a night guaranteed to bring you "All Styles and All Sounds" of latest and greatest Drum & Bass. EVENT PAGE - https://www.facebook.com/events/1223892344304169/ For this instalment Charge Recording's head...
  4. DJ_Evolve

    :::: IVY LAB - ALL ARTIST MIX ::::

    Here's a mix full of Ivy Lab tracks myself and d mix did for DNB Express. Hope you enjoy :) Find us at: www.facebook.com/dmixandevolve 1. Ivy Lab ft. Frank Carter III - Oblique VIP (Critical Music) 2. Ivy Lab - Twenty Questions (Critical Music) 3. Sub Focus ft. MNEK - Close (Ivy Lab...
  5. Adam aka Circuits

    DnB RAM style remix I could do with feedback on please? : )

    Hey!!! : ) Really new to this forum so I am going to try and get involved and leave as many helpful replies as I can as I am going to need your help with feedback on my own tracks starting with this one.. I particularly need feedback on the Hi and Lo ends and arrangement.. many thanks!!!
  6. D

    Hybrid Souls - In The Defiance Of Science LP

    Out now on Futureshock Records In The Defiance Of Science LP by Hybrid Souls Available on iTunes, Juno Download, Trackitdown and many other download sites! http://www.junodownload.com/products/hybrid-souls-in-the-defiance-of-science/2801751-02/...
  7. Flaction


    Hello Freak'zmy name Johann Flaction aka Flax, and i'am a Dj Producer from Vevey (Switzerland) adept of the "broked beat" I choose the Drum&bass 4 playground. Comming up from the Hip Hop source, i developed my culture of Djing style untill Breakcore. Sound technician and event promoter, I...
  8. Shwarz

    [Drum & Bass] MC Kryptomedic feat. Midas - Another Day (Shwarz remix)

  9. Eat My Records

    DnB New Label: Eat my records

    Hey guy's , I'm Seb (NL) We'r just started with our DnB Label called Eat my records . Here is a link to our bandcamp, if you like any of these tracks and you would like to have them in your dj mix or so , E- mail me and i wil send them to you , Just as an promotion and for the love of music...
  10. Derelicts Of Tomorrow

    DnB Data Drop feat. Starry Nite - Dirty Minds (Derelicts Of Tomorrow Remix) - Faction Digital *OUT NOW*

    My jungle remix of Data Drop's tune "Dirty Minds" OUT NOW on Faction Digital Recordings!!!!!! Pick up your copy of this summer's jungle anthem @ Amazon, DjTunes, Digital-Tunes, Juno and many other online stores!!! :teeth:
  11. Rimski

    DnB Journey through Drum and Bass

    Tracklist: Tr10. Re(Ampersand) - 衛星トリフネ(Ampersand D'n'B Remix) 3.25 [Liquid] - Kepler by Ryrix 4.50 Fire Dance - kvalae [DNB.175BPM] 5.07 Departure - Musepie 4.57 Dnb by circular dope 3.50 Alex M - Supreme (Miniwoice DnB RmX) 6.50 Krispy - Rain 3.51 Feint - Vagrant (ft. Veela) 3.42 DUZI -...
  12. SMJ_1

    Jungle Taktikz Radio

    and here you have it... http://jungletaktikz.x10.mx DnB/Jungle/Deep Beats Stream URL: 1LOVE
  13. krooked king

    Soundgarden Black Hole Sun - Nouela Cover ( Krooked King bootleg)

    Limited free download get em before they are gone!!
  14. krooked king

    Limited FREE DOWNLOAD Soundgarden Black Hole Sun ( Nouela Cover Krooked King Bootleg)

    Hurry now to catch your free download of my new remix before she maxes out!!!!

    Fresh Beatz - ABREC13 - Handra/Mortem/EastColors

    Handra return to Addictive Behaviour with a 3 track offering available on both digital and vinyl formats. The Polish duo provide the ammo aided by fellow badman countryman Mortem, making his inaugural appearance on the label. And the mighty Eastcolors is called to duty for a re-lick of "Coat of...
  16. A

    19/09 - Dream Nation Festival @Paris

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- xxx DREAM NATION FESTIVAL 2015 xxx ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ELECTRONIC MUSIC FESTIVAL - AFTER TECHNO PARADE...
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