1. K.I.M

    Conjunction Recordings - CJN003

    18 Days and counting - Conjunction Recordings 3rd Instalment will be out and availble exclusively at =AT1fh6lMi83B8syPE-yD-a6HV-NzXgCAMNLwKezqOJVUL_c6zM6AQUuXO0QWThQYShVTYLg_iyFR0yMIf3Qr-bKINBLPkSwFpiwW4ThjjdmhaVuC8hvOzlwZbJaGCi0uhWuRtvPYoS4k47_biXalgJabzYLSOc8Ai-FqS2Q']beatport.com from the...
  2. CarlaSolstice

    Frisk & Solstice - Nobody Gets Out Alive (Dirty Tech/Neuro Mix)

    BIYF Podcast 01. Frisk & Solstice - Crazy B1tch 02. InsideInfo - Mushroom (Original Mix) [Viper] 03. Sequential - Energize [T3K] 04. The_Clamps - Nerves [Trendkill] 05. Mindscape - Desert Storm (feat. Miss Trouble) [Eatbrain] 06. Prolix - Slob [Blackout Music NL] 07. Instinkt & Victim - Forge...
  3. liquidator

    Liquidator Series #110 Special Guest Conrad Subs July 2019

    FREE download on the link bellow! Tracklist Psyco 01 // Facing Jinx - Ocean between US (feat.maêv) 02 // Felix Raymon & Invadhertz - High (feat.Jamal Dilmen) 03 // Hugh Hardie - A Deeper Blue (feat.Charli Brix) 04 // Technimatic - The Nightfall (feat.Jono McCleery) 05 // FD - Got A Feeling 06...
  4. dustaudio

    Dust Audio May SALE - 10% off Everything!

    This weekend only you can get 10% off everything at our Dust audio store Go direct to https://goo.gl/gjC6cB Use the code 'maydustsale' at checkout and receive the discount VINYL x DOWNLOADS x MERCH
  5. Neural Tech

    DnB Protoplasym - Into Oblivion testy 6 Dist

    An old WIP, I make noises too. I plan on reviewing everyone's posted works in the coming weeks... prepare to see my name everywhere. :teeth: *Edit - adding the other two WIPs in the original post in case anyone missed 'em..*
  6. T

    DnB https://soundcloud.com/user-726151753/trap-door

    What do you think of my track:
  7. AlPaca

    DnB Al Paca - Mélange (liquid / deep / soulfull / rolling) [MIX]

    Hi guys! Just rediscovered this forum after years of inactivity. Needed a new source for new & fresh mixes and the amount of quality stuff on here is insane! I might as well contribute my latest set while I'm at it. This mix is a pretty accurate depiction of my current vibe in dnb. Mainly...
  8. Cassei

    Liquid BBQ VIBES Mix for this SUMMER

    Hey! Some fresh grilled piece of mix for your summer fire! With some imperfection but hope you enjoy!
  9. C. West

    Asking for feedback on track

    Hey! I'd be very proud and happy if some of you guys had a look at one of my recent drum and bass track. It's been posted on Soundcloud since a couple of months back and now I wanted to share it with you! I wish you a fine day!

    Some Techno / Drum & Bass

    Hi guys! I'm a 17 years old French music maker. I made a track called hornblende which features techno/trance with drum and bass :) I just wanted to share it on this great forum with all of you Hope you will like it :D Leave a comment, a like or whatever you want if you like it :)
  11. bagiueli

    DnB bgl - Practice Mix #1 24-09-2015

    This is my first recorded Practice Mix, filled with 31 of my favorised tracks! Listen, comment, suggest, share!!
  12. VMDFK

    DnB Check my new tune!

    I hope you like it!!
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