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  1. Ihamitsu

    DnB Hard/evil DnB - Last Stand

    Well, this one is something different I would say :) It has strange, almost guitar-like bass riff. I guess it´s not for everyone, but I enjoy it. It´s my tribute to Jack O´Neill, the badass who killed every god he met :D Check and share your opinion:
  2. erve

    01.04.17 - Bang The Bass [Round 2] - Vinyl Club Lausanne (CH)

    Comme premier post sur ce forum, nous sommes heureux de vous présenter le 2ème round ne notre concept "Bang the Bass" qui aura lieu le 1er avril à Lausanne en Suisse, plus précisément au Vinyl Club!!! Pour vous distiller le meilleur de la Drum&Bass et Jungle, vous pourrez compter sur la...
  3. L

    PLEASE help me to find this track ID!!

    Here is the link of it: Guys please, if you know the id tell me, I love this song, but can't find!!!
  4. Hoofbeatsmusic

    DnB Hoofbeats Music Podcast 001 by Computerartist, QO & Camel

    Hoofbeats Music Podcast 001 by Computerartist, QO & Camel play/download:
  5. S

    Freqax - Meant To Believe LP

    Freqax - Meant to Believe LP Free Download Album Sampler: Album Pre-Orders: https://otherciderecords.bandcamp.com/album/freqax-meant-to-believe-lp
  6. Hebbs

    Classic Jungle Darkcore Video Mix - Download, all comments welcome

    Download at http://www.mediafire.com/listen/at3cb34stwdh9mh/Jungle_Drum_and_Bass_Mix.mp3 Dj SS - Rollidge Roni Size - It's a Jazz Thing Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air Skanna - Nightwalker Renegade - Terrorist LTJ Bukem - Horizons Deep Blue - Helicopter Engineers without Fears - Spiritual Aura...
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