1. L

    Droptober 3 deck mix

    Hey y'all, if anybody wants to listen to a new 3 deck mix i just put together, the link and tracklist is below. This goes down very well as a gym mix- tried and tested. There's a few creative non d&b bits in there too :) DC Breaks - Shaman >>Dub Phizix Ft. Strategy - Buffalo Charge QZB -...
  2. K

    Addictive Drums 2 question

    Addictive Drums 2 is currently half price @ Plugin Boutique for anyone interested. My question is what are the standard presets like? As they are also offering the XL version which features something like 6 extra add-on packs for an extra £70. Is this worth buying or is the standard sample-set...
  3. A

    Multiple Compressors

    right so my question is, if I have a bus of something say a snare or kick, after the fx like eq saturation etc should I put on a compressor to glue the layers of the kick or whatever together and then another one to give it the punch or is this not acceptable? may seem like a stupid question but...
  4. Leniz

    DnB Miavono - White Lies (Newcaise Remix)

    After @maschinistom posting his remix I decided to give a shot. Enjoy some proper Liquid guys! Feedback appreciated! :D Version 1: https://clyp.it/1voadmki Version 2: https://clyp.it/f5hcembi Version 5: https://clyp.it/zhkvthdz Version 6: https://clyp.it/stjbh1bo
  5. K

    DnB check out my new song :)

    hiya guys check out my new song and let me know what you think.

    Collab Partner.

    Hey guys, I've been producing Drum & Bass for a couple of years now and I am looking for somebody that I can bounce ideas with, learn new techniques with and share resources etc... I am more focused on the musical side of Drum & Bass, examples would be : GLXY, Pola & Bryson, Etherwood, LSB...
  7. S

    Alternative Future DnB Album Release

    Hi Guys, you got to check this Alterantive dnb ablum ive made. some say its Derp, other say this is the future of drum and bass, what du you think? check the spotify link, and if you wnat to here some more tracks, check the soundclude https://play.spotify.com/album/7qZXlAd6iONJu1YK3pfPng...
  8. M4RCO5 M4LV4R


    Is my first day in the community, I love all kind of electronic music, specially DnB. I leave you my new mixtape... Ihope you like it. PLEASE Let me know your thoughts...
  9. dEEb

    The Drum & Bass Express Exclusive Mix

    □ 01.| Redman, Method Man feat. Agro – There’s More to It (403dnb Exclusive) □ 02.| Nate Dogg, Fabalous feat. Freeze – Hold That Thought (403dnb Exclusive) □ 03.| Nelly feat. Survival – Dub Soldier (403dnb Exclusive) □ 04.| Biggie, 2Pac feat. Mampi Swift, Serum, Coda – Jaws (403dnb Exclusive) □...
  10. Ackroyd

    Dark/Minimal DNB - High Quality Free Download - Ackroyd SNB011

    Easy everyone, some dark/minimal tunes from myself, fresh out today. Oh, and free download. Big ups to you all!
  11. ampligen

    DnB A New Hope (Free download)

    Hi. I'm sharing with you my latest freebie. :)
  12. gelidoartist

    Cherish Everything - Gelido

    WOOD_009 Released May 10, 2016 Artwork by DROON My track Cherish Everything, released as part of the 2016 Breakcore Gives Me Wood compilation. Download here: breakcoregivesmewood.bandcamp.com/album/va…-me-wood
  13. thebizzyb

    HOW TO MAKE A F$%^ing phat EVERYDAY JUNGLIST BASS ( Secret Revealed )

    HOW TO MAKE AN EVERYDAY JUNGLIST BASS The secret to creating the bass used in Maca Everyday junglist. Programmed in renoise but you can use this technique in any DAW
  14. S

    House BEST OF NCS - March.2016

  15. L

    3 Deck D&B Mix

    I just recorded my first attempt at a 3 deck mix..tricky but very enjoyable. Proud of this one. Check it out for anyone that's interested, or intrigued by the tracklist! Feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Dom & Roland - Outta Endz VIP Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit Break - Submerged...
  16. In:Touch

    In:Touch Live From The Glass House Vol 1.

    In:Touch: Live From The Glass House Vol. 1 Catch myself live on rudefm.com Sunday Nights (18:00-20:00 GMT) Formulate (DLR Remix) - Roni Size & DJ Krust Affliction - Nymfo & DLR Deterrent - Semitone Dream Of You - Dissect 2 Cold Scorpio - NC-17 & Glitch The Real Deal - Intelligent Manners &...
  17. M

    DnB Supa Ape - FREE jungle downloads NOW

    UK ragga jungle artist here giving away plenty of FREE tracks now, check him out seriously.
  18. R

    Retone & Jorgensen - Want Me (Coming soon)

    I'm new to this forum and would like to present some of the work I do. This is a new DnB roller from me and a friend, and we will be releasing the full track soon. Enjoy and give some feedback. Safe!
  19. SPKL

    DnB Opiuo & Shapeshifter - Slug a Bug (Speaker Louis Remix)

    My version of Opiuo & Shapeshifter's 'Slug a Bug', in a drum & bass style : What do you think ?
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