drum samples

  1. bhksamples

    New BHK Samples Demo Packs!

    The demo packs of all wav libraries were exchanged, whoever is interested now gets to hear all samples of the WAV libraries with the new demo pack download. Registration is not necessary to download the demo packs! Have fun exploring over 13.000 samples. bhksamples.com
  2. M

    Free mini drum loops pack download

    Thought I'd give out some drum loops in this mini pack (from stuff I've done in the past and my own drum kits). Free to download. DRUM & BASS DRUM LOOPS MINI PACK (FREE) https://www.manirios.com/product/mani-rios-essence-free-dnb-drum-loops/ 15 drum loops, 24 bit WAV files.
  3. David Anderson

    DnB free drum samples

    here are 300 live drum hits mostly snares i recorded with vintage 1073s and other nice toys atomic squeeze box chandler eqs no verb or gates used recently i edited them to be 1/2 note hits at 180 bpm have fun https://www.sendspace.com/file/t7xwvw
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