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  1. O

    Free track (Thunderbolt)

  2. D

    DnB new jump up tune

  3. M

    DnB help me with this tambourine beat....

    You know your pretty desperate when you need to post a thread for help? You know that classic hi hat - hi end - tambourine combo that just keeps rolling on drum and bass... The hi end - the everything else in the beat after the snare and kick... That Beat.... The tambourine beat you can pick...

    Data 3 on 'Rotation' interview + mix

    Power trio Data 3 take time out from a super hectic schedule to discuss their contribution to Rotation, Part Two and drop a badboy mix for the much awaited Addictive Behaviour Podcast… Check it out the interview here: https://breakbeat.co.uk/interviews/data-3-rotation-mix/ Listen to Addictive...
  5. Vircz

    DnB VirCZ 30in30

    MIX: http://mp3.sety.cz/vircz-2016-mix-30in30-mp3.html Tracklist: Noisia - Dead Limit -> Audio - Now The Future Mefjus - Blitz -> Calyx & Teebee - Cloud 9 Mind Vortex - Future Fold L33 - Manipulate -> Drumsound & Bassline Smith - The Truth Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low (Delta Heavy Remix)...
  6. J

    Strictly Vocal/Liquid Mix - New & Old

    After all the support on my previous mix I've put together some of my favourite Liquid and Vocal tracks from the past 15 years. So many didn't make it but here's the final cut.. Download - http://www.dnbshare.com/download/VOCALMIXSEPT2015.mp3.html . TRACKLIST LOVING YOU IS EASY - Camo...
  7. AudioAddictRecs

    DJ Hybrid - Mixed Origins - Drum & Bass Arena Exlcusive Preview

    Album preview and full interview here: https://breakbeat.co.uk/interviews/dj-hybrid-mixed-origins/ Hybrid‘s come in with a new album where the ‘D’ and the ‘B’ could in part stand for ‘Drop like a ton of Bricks’. It’s all about different styles and keeping an open mind… so with that mindset we...
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