drum and base what id this track

  1. soul flex digital


    Soul Flex Digital welcomes Secret Structures as he makes his debut release with two amazing liquid rollers. Crispy beats, smooth subs and piano rifts moving alongside nice vocal samples. AVAILABLE ON 30.01.20 Facebook : www.facebook.com/Soul-Flex-Digita…111478690277705/ Twitter ...
  2. D

    Help on track I'd

    I was wondering if anyone knew what this tune is that hizzleguy drops in this mix at 9:35 would love to know the name so I could buy this to use for my mixing
  3. I

    DnB looking for an ltj bukem set

    Hey ravers. I'm desperately looking for one of ltj bukem sets, I had it on my sound cloud list but it is gone now. I was hoping someone might be able to point me towards it. I was sure it was one of the progression sessions but I've Googled it to death and not found it. It was live with...
  4. BFFL

    Dubstep BFFL - SPARTAN (Leave Feedback)

    Enjoy and Leave Feedback
  5. vitrums

    Need help with recognizing first track

    First track 0:00 - 3:30. Authour of the video didn't answer on the comments. Shazam has no clue of this track as well. So I'm looking for an answer here ^^
  6. chmielu16

    DnB I am looking for already some time this title. What is ID this DnB ?

    Hi. Im loking this ID a few days .... I have 2 minutes of song drum and base but i cant upload all of it on forum. So give only minute .... If u need more its link from zippyshare and my upload 2 minutes . http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/Zhw1i0f2/file.html Please help me greetings
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