double drop

  1. 1maras76

    DnB Neurofunk MIX

    Track List: 1. Urbandawn – Come Together feat. Tyson Kelly 2. ChaseR – Sentinel 3. State Of Mind ft. Kryptomedic – Time Slip (Synergy Remix) 4. Agressor Bunx – Claiming Race 5. ? – The Enemy 6. Dynamorph – Assault 7. Disphonia TR Tactics – Nightraider 8. L Plus – Let...
  2. 1maras76

    DnB Dark and Heavy :D

    A lot of DoUbLe DROPS !!!!! HumanNature Arbiter - Swing Of Memories Agressor Bunx - Tornado Fourward Friction - Run Your Mouth Disphonia - Back To The Old School ft. MC Kryptomedic The Clamps Remix Gydra - Trojan L Plus - Let Roll The World Rido Counterstrike - Let it Roll Smeerlapp...
  3. D

    Neurofunk set

    Hi guys . I have tried this set to mostly of double drops . Enjoy !
  4. spyrednb

    Spyre - Trident Open Air Festival Mix 2017

    My contest mix for slovak Trident Open Air Festival 2017 on Duchonka. Enjoy the mix! :) Tracklist: 01.Pendulum - Witchcraft (WARNER MUSIC) 02.Camo & Krooked feat. Metrik - Aurora (HOSPITAL) 03.Wilkinson - Tonight (RAM) 04.Hamilton - Echoes (RAM) 05.Dimension - Whip Slap (MTA) 06.A.M.C & Turno...
  5. EdH_DnB

    True Romance

    Right, might seem like an odd topic but just been enjoying a mix and towards the end rather sneakily, in comes the classic 'True Romance' by DBridge and Vegas. It's such an iconic track and I've found it always finds itself being placed in so many mixes basically blending perfectly! So my...
  6. Samlovell

    April Mix, first go CC welcome! There is a bit of skipping within the 6-10 min region, can assure you it's the crappy laptop though! some corrections in the mix as well which I'm aware of but yeah all constructive criticism welcome! Recorded via 2x XDJ 1000's and a 4 channel numark...
  7. George Cox

    DnB mix 2

    Drum and bass starts at 13:30.
  8. George Cox

    DnB mix 2

    skip to 13:30 to listen to the drum and bass part of this mix
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