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  1. O

    check this mix out!!✌️

  2. Double U

    DnB Neurofunk Set @ Bassport Berlin

    Hey guys, here a recorded set from my gig @Rosis in Berlin. Played with 3 decks and fast pace, was an awesome night and I'm thankfull for the memories. If you want to know any ID just hit me up, would love to here some feedback. Enjoy !
  3. Dr Woe

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 13 - Dave Owen

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 13 - Dave Owen This time The Keep Da Bass Rollin´Podcast is really happy to have a very special guest Dj straight from Queens, New York. Over the past few years, Dave Owen has risen to become one of the most highly sought after drum-n-bass producers in the United...
  4. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 11 - Dj Ransome

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 11 - Dj Ransome Make some noise for Dj Ransom, from Peterborough, UK. DJ Ransome is a Producer/DJ that has had previous success in UK Hard Dance and is now making waves in the Drum & Bass scene. The change into writing and DJing Drum & Bass music happened in 2013. You...
  5. Djkevinc

    Drum and bass / jungle 21/04/2018 recent classics video mix

    Not played dnb for ages so tested streaming in hd and did a 2 hour mix , its pretty good seeing as im a bit rusty .. Hope you enjoy , Dj, kevin c if you cant log in to see it heres a low def copy i put of it on youtube ..
  6. Double U

    DnB Heavy Neurofunk Mix 2017 - Free Download

    Hey folks! It's time again for a new mix! As always with 3 decks and high pace. I tried to keep the energy level up, therefor I played drop after drop. Focus on Neurofunk, most of the tracks are kinda new. Tracklist: Kursiva & Impak - Transpose Disphonia - All Ears ft. Kryptomedic Hanzo...
  7. A

    DnB Liquid Set

    Hi y'all. Just thought I'd give this a shot. If you love melodic liquid dnb, I've posted some beautiful mixes and sets on SoundCloud. Here's the latest:
  8. Double U

    Neurofunk Mix Eatbrain Contest

    Just finished this mix, put a lot of effort in it. Expect some filthy Neurofunk madness. Tracklist: Black Sun Empire - Don’t You (State of Mind Remix) Black Sun Empire - Pull the Trigger Black Sun Empire & State of Mind - Bad Prolix & Rido - Exploration (Neonlight Remix) Disphonia - Back To...
  9. gemini c


    ENJOY PEEPS.. :) DOWNLOAD - https://dnbshare.com/download/DJREDEYE_DNB_SUMMER_STROLLERS_MIX_2016.mp3.html LISTEN - TRACKLIST 1. K Jah & Vytol - Brainwaves 2. DJ Hybrid - Raggamuffin 3. Serum & voltage - Break it down 4. Jam Thieves - Doping 5. Margaman - Rough 6. TC...
  10. TCB666

    My One Hour Mix on Hearthis.at

    https://hearthis.at/busbee/anearlymorningmixsessionbybusbee/ Setlist: Skeptical - Turning Point Enei - Z Grab Current Value - Changes Jubei - The Prayer Kai Wachi & Squnto - Brain Splat Mystification - Feel The Core Scar - Skank Demon Ed Rush & Optical - Slip Through Legion, Logam & NC-17 D...
  11. gemini c


    DOWNLOAD- http://dnbshare.com/download/DJ_REDEYE_DNB_WINTER_HARDSTEPPERS_PART_3.mp3.htm LISTEN- https://www.mixcloud.com/nick-fisher/dj-redeye-dnb-winter-hardsteppers-part-3/ TRACKLIST 1. NEED FOR MIRRORS - WALK (CHARLIES SONG) 2. INTELLIGENT MANNERS & COMMAND STRANGE -...
  12. B

    Hospitality 2016 Beatport exclusive drum and bass mix from ☆ ♔ D J ♤ B C 9 ♔ ☆

    http://mixes.beatport.com/mix/aquasonica-beatport-exclusive-dnb-producers-mix-2016-uk-edition/251807 AQUASONICA BᏟ⚡︎➒ BEATPORT EXCLUSIVE DNB PRODUCERS MIX 2016 UK EDITION Drum & BassCreated by ☆ ᎠᎫ♤BᏟ№Ꮽ ☆ 2016 Has seen some great new emerging DNB artists and new DNB record labels. I wanted...
  13. B

    BC9 60 Units of pure DNB Mix

    Enjoy this original DNB mix from DJ BC9
  14. Hexikal

    "The Lickwid Hour" www.lick.fm - Debut Show.

    https://www.mixcloud.com/LickFM/the-liquid-drum-bass-show-with-hexikal-5th-january-2016/ Playlist on Mixcloud, unknowns in comments.
  15. C

    Oldschool DnB track ID '96 - '99

    Does anybody know any of these 3 cuts from this live mix? I need to identify at least the first one! These are short cuts from DJ Aphrodite's live mix at Hultsfred festival in Sweden in June 1999, so these tracks were released probably between 1996 and 1999. Please help me to identify them. Many...
  16. G Scout

    DnB mix . . Sick TraCkLisT . . EnJoY =]

    Sup yall heres one solid DnB [drum`n`bass] mix that I made . Tracklist is pretty sick and it can be comfortably used to dnb step . . Enjoy =] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y0Cvsrin34
  17. Anita Magenta

    ColorTheory 08-24-15 [LIVE] @ jungletrain.net

    >>TRACKLIST<< Tim Reaper & Silo - Intent Triad - Dark Star Seba & Paradox - Future Now Pessimist - The Woods Double O - New Skank Greenleaf - War Room Goreteks - The Chemist Fixate - Alive Fanu - Dreamers' Union Digital & Spirit - The Wolf Falling Skies - Land Of The Lost Threshold - Bad Nah...
  18. Anita Magenta

    ColorTheory 08-21-15 [LIVE] @ jungletrain.net [Jungle/DNB/Future Sounds]

    >>TRACKLIST<< Hyroglifics & Sam Binga - Thoroughbred (ft. Redders) Gamma - Empathy Control Fearful - Mechanism Carbon - Trapezium Eastcolors - Open Up Your Eyes Hyroglifics - Astraya Kasper - Right Now Loxy, Resound & Skeptical - Choices Pessimist & Understate - Hypnosis Overlook - Persona Nativ...
  19. Anita Magenta

    ColorTheory 09-04-15 [LIVE] #2 @ jungletrain.net [drum & bass/liquid]

    >>TRACKLIST<< Spective - Mysterious Affair Marcus T - Summer Rain Al Pack & Solotek - Sunshine Funk Brother - Stay DJ Chap & Andrezz - Doing The Same Thing Enea Feat. Mika - Line in Kasper - Brooklyn Standard Mukiyare - So Glad To Have You Muwookie - Truly Deeply Mystic Trip - Stop On By QBIG &...
  20. Anita Magenta

    Magenta: BlueZikBeatz [LIVE] 09-19-2015 Ft. DBR UK @differentdrumz.co.uk

    DBR UK (Craig DBR) (Conflict) (Dan Xs) [Broken Audio / Dispatch / Renegade Hardware / Ingredients / Architecture] >>TRACKLIST<< Chasing Spirits - Far East Dave Owen - Untitled Level 2 - Expressions Dj Chap & David Boombah - When She's Gone DJ Chap & Andrezz - Doing The Same Thing Fawce & KAI -...
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