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  1. GuideDnb

    DnB GUIDE - Consider It [Neurofunk, Heavy DnB]

    Consider It - First time producing neuro/heavy, looking for feedback as the song is on private so I can improve the track for later release
  2. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks Released

    Stereo Assassin's "Satanic Breaks released May 25th exclusively on Bandcamp. 6 tracks of ungodly ultra-violent Metal infused Industrial DnB, including psychotic remix of Korn's "Twist". http://stereoassassin.bandcamp.com/album/satanic-breaks
  3. 1maras76


  4. Ziolka

    DnB Spectron - The Shadow Out of Time [ my first jungle / drumfunk release ]

    Id like to show you my first ep which came out today on Monochrome Recordings! You can check the clips here and also available at the major digital stores! https://www.beatport.com/release/the-shadow-out-of-time/1929142 https://monochromerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/the-shadow-out-of-time
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