dnb id

  1. L

    PLEASE help me to find this track ID!!

    Here is the link of it: Guys please, if you know the id tell me, I love this song, but can't find!!!
  2. L

    DnB Help help help do you know this tunee?

    Hey I have been searching for this tune for well over a year now I heard it on the radio and have never been able to find it since.. It has a snippet from a film (I'm sorry but I don't know what film) but a guy whispers 'the horror' it's quite a dark dnb tune. I've tried googling youtubing all...
  3. Daxzthemax

    DnB is life

    Hello. I'm producer from the US. I mostly do EDM right now (I love drumandbass/neurofunk) but I'll do whatever. I also write music for several other genres and play guitar. I'm fairly new to producing but I think I have a nak for it. I use FL Studio. Hopefully you guys can give me some feedback...
  4. C

    Oldschool DnB track ID '96 - '99

    Does anybody know any of these 3 cuts from this live mix? I need to identify at least the first one! These are short cuts from DJ Aphrodite's live mix at Hultsfred festival in Sweden in June 1999, so these tracks were released probably between 1996 and 1999. Please help me to identify them. Many...
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