1. P

    Who is the most promising new artist in the world of dnb?

    I'm looking for the best new artist around the world . Help me with links !! This guy got some talent !
  2. B

    DnB How to make that Amoss, Fre4knc, Octane & DLR bass.

    Hey everyone, I'm looking for tips on how to make Amoss style bass, or anything along the lines of very subby bass sounds. Specifically looking to figure out how to make hollow bass sounds and sub with subtle harmonic. Would love to know: whats synths to use how process the second...
  3. bagiueli

    DnB bgl - Practice Mix #1 24-09-2015

    This is my first recorded Practice Mix, filled with 31 of my favorised tracks! Listen, comment, suggest, share!!
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