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  1. InReach

    DJ Trace 'Opaque EP' (CNVX011)

    DJ Trace. An original founder and pioneer of the Tech-step sound and movement. Alongside Nico, Ed-Rush & Fierce, he carved out the raw unforgiving sound that was championed by the No-U-Turn records crew in the 90's. The cross pollination of artists and labels then went on to create what would be...
  2. InReach

    #Back Of The Stack 028 – DJ Trace

    We return with another edition of our #backofthestack series. This week we caught up with D&B legend DJ Trace. His journey started way back in the early 90’s with his first ever release in 1991 on Orbital Records which made it into the UK national charts selling over 1000 records within 2 weeks...
  3. DeeGun

    DJ Trace - The Source @ Hare & Hounds 7.10.2011

  4. InReach

    PRTCL - Interview (In-Reach Mag)

    Article As we start rolling through 2018, already we are being flooded with fresh music from across the genre. One particular EP that has stood out from the rest is the latest from DJ Trace’s DSCI4 imprint – PRTCL’s ‘Your City’ EP. The 6 track release takes us on a journey through the deeper...
  5. igloo600

    DSCI4 @ BLOC 27 SETS 27/5/16

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