dj hazard

  1. DNBMonk

    DnB Monk Cast Mix series - promoting the sounds of underground

    greetings. Originally representing "DnB monk" a promotion underground twitter account. I have recently teamed up with a friend of my mine to bring Monk Cast alive, it is a soundcloud drum and bass promotion podcast series with featured mix each month and we have just recently uploaded our...
  2. D

    Tune I'd from hazard @ one nation

    Tune comes in at 22 minutes. The sound is familiar but can't put my finger on it. Cheers
  3. B

    DnB Jungalistic Bass & Drum Mix by Nema-Kuta

    Here is a drum & bass mix I recorded with a few foot work style, jungle tunes in the mix. Please give your feedback, be great to have some support
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