dj friction

  1. B

    Breakage ID from around 2005

    I'm looking for a Breakage tune from around 2005 that Friction played in a set with SP:MC for DNB Arena.... all i remember is it had some amen choppage and a female vocal about love and it's been plaguing me for years. Anyone have the set or the ID?

    Dj enthusiasm > track selection

    There's been a lot said about cock selection being some kind of art but that's mostly bedroom nerd "cock" fodder. Get out of your parents bedroom and go to a club you expect a bit of cockmanship. Do people actually prefer Marcus intalex corpse like cock behind a MacBook playing "good dnb" to a...
  3. ApurvA

    Sure you haven't seen this one

    DnB Arena 10th Anniversary at Ministry of Sound Documentary 2006 yup ... i had saved this video when i first saw it back in 2006 on their website !! lot of them are already there on youtube but i was not able to find this one anywhere .. so thought its better ill upload it ;) .. so here's the...
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