1. D

    DnB new jump up tune

  2. Archaea

    Unreleased Neuro Tracks (private link)

    Hey I have recently written a few tracks for my upcoming E.P. and would really like to hear what you think :) As private links don't work through this website really well, I have to put a gap in somewhere in the private link for it to be visible. I have two tracks to show you guys, I really hope...
  3. Teflon DNB


    Hey peeps!! Have a listen, big up! New (been before but haven't used for years) here!!! I'm happy to listen to mixes! Thanks for listening and reading. Tef
  4. I

    DnB Jump Up Drum and Bass Track

    I'm a new producer by the name of IMPRL, I released my first track on SoundCloud last night and was looking for constructive criticism that could help me become a better producer.
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