1. DeeGun

    Digital & MC Busta - Broken Minds @ Hare & Hounds Birmingham 24.3.2018

  2. DeeGun

    DJ Storm & Friends Takeover @ Radar Radio - 25th March 2018
  3. DeeGun

    [Rinse FM] Rupture - Digital, Dead Man's Chest, Mantra & Double O - 9th March 2018

    **Competition** Win Spacefunk Vinyl, Tee Shirts, Party Tickets And More...

    To celebrate our forthcoming Invadhertz Darkroom EP launch party, we thought we'd give you a chance to win a mad bundle of vinyl & merchandise along with 2 free tickets and a couple of drinks. TO ENTER click on this Facebook link, share the post and tag a friend in the comments...


    In celebration of our forthcoming, "DARKROOM EP" from INVADHERTZ, we announce our first party of the year @ Work Bar on the 23rd March. Join us and the Italian production trio as we celebrate the launch of the EP with Function Records DIGITAL and Ram Records CHORDS headlining the party alongside...
  6. RECollection

    DnB Recollect

    Sampled everything. Chopped te breaks. Over dubbed. Everything is is sequenced out side of the computer.. I recorded Into the computer. All analog gear. Well. Digital backing analog gear. But none the less. Feedback?
  7. DeeGun

    Digital & Blackeye MC - FUNCTION:AL SESSIONS 5

  8. DeeGun

    Digital & MC Blackeye - Function:al Sessions 3 - 10:08:2017
  9. P

    DnB Phil Tangent - Mandala/Electric Touch (Lunar Records) - Out now!

    Phil Tangent - 'Mandala'/'Electric Touch' Available from Lunar Records online store >>> Cheers Phil
  10. stupdnb

    Looking for a digital version of "Its A Long by Marky Feat. Makoto"

    All is in the title. I can't find any version of this masterpiece in digital..
  11. Ezim4n

    DnB Any one still buying dnb on vinyl?

    I am curious to know if people are still buying dnb on vinyl or has everyone just gone digital? If you stopped buying why and what was your last tune? :)
  12. Der Ausländer

    (Funktion Records) DIGITAL THE VIPS - 23/01/17

    OMG! Preorder link =>
  13. igloo600

    DSCI4 @ BLOC 27 SETS 27/5/16

    Digital b2b Spirit Raiden Quartz b2b Survey
  14. perceptiondnb

    20 Years of CIA, Total Science, Digital & Spirit 24/03/16

    Perception very proudly presents 20 YEARS OF C.I.A. [Computer Integrated Audio] Scene Pioneers Total Science debut in Shropshire in a big way with an exclusive leg of their 2016 tour which celebrates 20 years of the label they established and have presided over for 2 decades! The Various...
  15. SY:RAX

    Label TBR Ukraine | Record Label | Music Store

    TBR Ukraine, LLC (Turn the Bass Records) The record company, to which the same applies digital-label "Bass Station Digital" TBR - one of the few Ukrainian labels, which will be selling releases, not only in the digital-format, but also on physical media, such as vinyl. The main objective of the...
  16. Djinn

    [MCR] FORMLESS 21/11/15 : Digital / Response / Skitty / Nolige / Double 0 / Mantra + more

    ...... deep / dark Jungle, drum & bass DIGITAL (Function / Metalheadz / Timeless / 31 Records) RESPONSE (Ingredients / Function / Commercial Suicide / V Records) SKITTY...
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