1. S

    DnB S9BassTutVOL1

    Hey guys, please have a watch of our first production video. We go through how we made the main bass in our track Warehouse, starting with creating the root sound and explaining each process used to create the final sound. This includes 'frequency splitting' which may interest new producers...
  2. xiris

    Neuro Bass Design: Let's talk about that

    I'm gonna get right to it: I'm no good at all when it comes to neuro bass design... I just can't get that tight sound figured out. Most times i end up with a useless, treble-heavy distorted mess of noise, and a lot of frustration and thats about it. I'm hoping you guys can help me solve this. I...
  3. Q

    Spor Bass Design

    Hello everyone, I was watching Spor's video with Razer about bass design and I have a question. How does he do the "double wub" at 4:27? Here is the link to the video: I noticed that before he turned Trash 2 on, the bass was doing only a single wub. Thanks for the help :)
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