deep dnb

  1. Dr Woe

    Drum & Bass The Rolling Woe show vol. 18

    The Rolling Woe show vol. 18 And the Woe rolls on! Take a ride with me through different styles of Drum & Bass of 2018, from deep broken beats over dark & heavy Neurofunk to deep Dnb, Liquid and Jungle. This time i am mixing 100% vinyl on two Technics 1210 MK2, an Allen & Heath Xone 92 and my...
  2. K

    Ill Effects - Signs EP (Insane Ambition Recordings)

    Ez people we are pleased to announce the next e.p from Ill Effects called "Signs e.p"!! 4 deep tracks inside!! Bass, bass and bass again!! included "Cowboyz", collab track with Imk! that's smells like old bourbon and gunpowder! one love from the IA family!! Tracklist: 1. Ill Effects - Deadly...
  3. Gerbil

    Drum & Bass Cause4Concern - live in Torquay - 21.04.2018

    Hi, everyone we have been working really hard for the past 4 months to bring this event to you. If you live local or fancy a small bit of travelling Cause4Concern is coming to the Bay. Not only can you take in the wonderful scenery that is all around Torquay and surrounding area's you can finish...
  4. shifteight

    Asterisk Drum and Bass Winter Mix 2018

    Check out my latest drum and bass mix, this will keep you moving during the rest of winter.... Hope you enjoy it!
  5. Leniz

    Drum & Bass Leniz - Bassment Talent Night Contest Entry

    So here is a mix for a DJ Contest I did :) Tracklist: 1. Edlan - Horizon 2. High Contrast - Brief Encounter 3. Dave Owen, Jaybee, Zere - Ask Them 4. Break - Duck For Cover 5. Artificial Intelligence - What You Had (Lenzman Remix) 6. Tokyo Prose & Phil Tangent - Parity 7. Nemy & Ob:verse...
  6. Asarijan

    Lost In A Desert (Deep/Liquid dnb)

    Hey guys, just finished this deep/liquid tune, inspired by ethnic melodies and little bit of an ancient atmosphere with the flute and trombone as main leads. Any feedback is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance!
  7. Distress

    Some D&B with some deep bass

    "I'ts Alive", by Distress! Our very own premiere! Our very first released track. This track has a combination of a typical DnB beat, together with a deep, moving bass, which later on, progresses to many variations of itself. We hope you enjoy our first release! We welcome every piece of advise!
  8. Ihamitsu

    Drum & Bass Deep Liquidish DnB - And What to do Next?...

    Hi guys and gals :) This one is actually remake of one of the first tunes I produced.... Like year ago. I quite liked the main melody, but production wise, it was really terrible. So, I decided. fuck it, and remake that from scratch, with much more elements, better beat and overall better...
  9. thingmusic

    Thing - Studio Mix #4

  10. B

    Drum & Bass ▶ Origins Of The Outerworld The 'Debut Album' OUT NOW!

    Origins Of The Outerworld [ LP ] by The Outerworld Another Earth 06:18 Palmistry 07:35 Under The Stars 08:11 Gamma Rays 07:29 Aurelia 07:43 Space & Aviation 08:15 eXistenZ 07:02 Approaching the Unknown 07:32 CrystalForms 07:00 Elysium Planitia 08:00 Undiscoverd Space 08:20 Alpine Breath...
  11. eastformsdnb

    Drum & Bass Apapr Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass

    Submerge into dope darkness where gruff rhythms ram deeper into mollifying bass pulsations Apapr [Vladivostok | Russian Far East] Tracklist: Mauoq - Voids [Mauoq Music] Adred (feat. Lystone) - Ghetto Chemistry [Soul:r] Survey - Chatter [Bios Recordings] Nymfo - Coming Through (Quadrant, Ant...
  12. PredatorsLAB

    Predators LAB Uploads

    Hej heads! My name's markus. I want to let you know about all our uploads on Predators LAB YT Channel. Is it okay to post every single upload in a single new thread or is there a way to bundle all our uploads in one thread, without gettin' lost? Best regards from Austria, Markus
  13. NuVentureRecord

    Nu Venture Records EDM Sessions: 2016 [OUT NOW! DnB/Dubstep/Garage!]

    ► Nu Venture Records EDM Sessions: 2016 [NVR033: OUT NOW!!!] ◄ - 39 Tracks ONLY £6.45 | DnB Dubstep & Garage | - → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£6.45* Direct from NVR!) [Beatport] (*£17.75*) [iTunes] (*£7.99*) [Juno] (*£7.49*)...
  14. NuVentureRecord

    Nu Venture Records Presents: Rafau Etamski [NVR032: OUT NOW!]

    ► Nu Venture Records Presents: Rafau Etamski [NVR032: OUT NOW!] ◄ - 5 x Vocal & Deep Liquid Drum & Bass | Listen: - → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£3.25* + FREE Release Mix!) [Beatport] (*£6.50*) [iTunes] (*£3.99*) [Juno]
  15. Morah

    Drum & Bass Low:r - Through the Ground

    So this is the 5th and final track from the Ebb 'N Flow EP this one is a ground rumbler all 5 track are due to be released October 3rd Exciting times :D Facebook: Twitter: Ben
  16. NuVentureRecord

    Drum & Bass Summer Sessions: 2016 [NVR030: OUT NOW!]

    ► Nu Venture Records - Drum & Bass Summer Sessions: 2016 [NVR030: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 32 Tracks ONLY £5.99 or FREE with any NVR T-Shirt Order! ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£5.99* + Release Mix!) [Beatport] (*£16.71*) [iTunes]
  17. hr6mole

    Province - Chillin Killin + soundcloud launch

    Stoked to launch the Province soundcloud page with our 1st tune entitled 'Chillin Killin' its a collaborative project from Thugwidow and Katon. We got an EP on the way too so stay locked
  18. NuVentureRecord

    Duoscience - Intent // Indifferences [NVR025: OUT NOW!]

    ► Duoscience - Intent // Indifferences [NVR025: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 2 x Deep & Jungle DnB! | Listen here: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.75* + FREE Dexcell Track & Mix!) [Beatport] (*£2.60*) [iTunes] (*£1.98*) [Juno] (*£1.91*)...
  19. NuVentureRecord

    ► SND - Forbidden EP [NVR023: OUT NOW!] ◄

    ► SND - Forbidden EP [NVR023: OUT NOW!] ◄ ● 3 x Minimal DnB! | Listen here: ● → Buy Links: [Bandcamp] (*£1.99* + FREE TRACK & MIX!) [Beatport] (*£3.90*) [iTunes] (*£2.49*) [Juno] (*£2.49*) [TrackItDown] (*£3.36*)...