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  1. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 17 - Soraya

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN´ vol 17 - Soraya Drum & Bass addict 'Soraya' startet to Dj around 2016 and played her first gig at 'Amens Büttel' in Hamburg. At this point she discovered her big Passion for playing Drum & Bass and sharing the music she loves with others. Soraya is know for her deep, dark...
  2. Dr Woe

    DnB OUT NOW! Dr Woe – Generation Addicted

    OUT NOW! Dr Woe – Generation Addicted Fanlink: https://fanlink.to/INMEP005 Soundcloud clips: "Dr Woe - Generation Addicted" Bass Rabbit Premiere on Youtube: "Dr Woe - Only Once" InReach Magazine Premiere on Soundcloud: 
Dr Woe sets the dance floor on fire with his second EP from...
  3. Dr Woe

    DnB KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 8 - Gerald Steyr

    KEEP DA BASS ROLLIN` vol 8 - Gerald Steyr Gerald Steyr, founder of Hamburg`s Hoch10 Collective, comes around with an eclectic Drum´n`Bass studio mix for the march episode of our Keep Da Bass Rollin´ podcast. his recording is filled with dark & light impressions of halftimedrumnbass, cutting...
  4. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks Released

    Stereo Assassin's "Satanic Breaks released May 25th exclusively on Bandcamp. 6 tracks of ungodly ultra-violent Metal infused Industrial DnB, including psychotic remix of Korn's "Twist". http://stereoassassin.bandcamp.com/album/satanic-breaks
  5. Dr Woe

    DnB The Rolling Woe Show 15

    The Rolling Woe Show vol. 15 Another Rolling Woe Show is born, yeah! A journey through heavy Dnb into deep and liquid Drum & Bass to end in a mix of some of my favorite Neurofunk-classics! Stream & download: Dr Woe links: https://www.facebook.com/drwoe https://soundcloud.com/dr-woe...
  6. blackphil

    Free download of my tune 'Darkside' played on Pyro Radio by ErbNDub

    Here is my tune Darkside it is a free download on my soundcloud. Please feel free to like share and show support if you like what you hear ^.^
  7. TCB666

    A One Hour DNB Mix Session 4/6/2016 Mixed by Busbee

    Listen and enjoy ... Setlist: 1. Bus Bee - Blinded By The Light 2. Jubei & Cern - Black Hole 3. The Burner Bros. - The Offlanders 4. Icicle - Anxious 5. Alix Perez - Modus 6. E-Sassin - Full Circle 7. Ed Rush & Optical - Sip Through 8. Goldie - Temper, Temper 9. Heavy 1 - Surprise 10...
  8. Dr Woe

    DnB Dr Woe - Electric Fabric Podcast Guestmix

    This is the second hour of the latest Electric Fabric Podcast. I mixed Dark Drum & Bass, Neurofunk, Deep Dnb, Neojungle and some unreleased Dr Woe Tunes on 2 Technics 1210, one cdi 850 and an Ecler Evo 4 mixer. Feel free to stream and download here...
  9. M

    DnB Dark neurooo for listens

    hey this is a dark dnb track i made it would be great if people could listen and feedback is much appreciated :) Thanks!
  10. Dr Woe

    DnB Dr Woe - Renegade Hardware Tribute Mix

    Dr Woe - Renegade Hardware Tribute Mix This is a tribute to Renegade Hardware. This label has maybe the biggest influence to me and my music. Sadly it closes its doors next year and so i decided to make a tribute set to bring together my all-time RH favorites and the best of today in one mix...
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