dark drum and bass

  1. M

    1007082015IP, What Y'all Think?

    A work-in-progress. It's just an intro I quickly cut together, and I only got started on this one late last night. I know there's clipping in there b/c some of the samples haven't been faded at their ends when I cropped them, and there's still freq cleanup to do and all that. But first I'm...
  2. Dr Woe

    DnB New free tune by Scary Woods: The Vision

    Scary Woods - The Vision Dark Drum 'n' Bass Tune with a big bass, filthy drums and a beautiful voice that tells a story about what may happen to our earth. Download enabled! Produced by: Dr Woe & Violet Core Vocals & Text: Violet Core Scary Woods is a Collaboration between Dr Woe & Violet...
  3. TCB666

    DJ Busbee - A One Hour Dark Drum & Bass Mix

    A one hour mix of some of my current favorite drum & bass tracks . Constructive feedback welcome. Listen and enjoy! :) Tracklist: 1. Ray Keith - The Prophecy 2. Dieselboy - Invid (E-Sassin Remix) 3. Current Value - Traktion 4. Treo ft. Hostile MC - Infection 5. D*Minds - Blacker 6. Nymfo -...
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