1. DeeGun

    Donny - STFU 03

    Tracklisting: 01. Donny & Katharsys - Wraith (Forbidden Society Remix) [Crash Pang Wallop] 02. Current Value - Eager Fight A.M.C Remix [Titan] 03. High Rankin - Active Shooter Event [PRSPCT] 04. Merikan - Superficial Extent [PRSPCT] 05. Donny & Sinister Souls - Kill The Right People [Crash Pang...
  2. DeeGun

    Hardcore Counterstrike - Homegrown 004 (Homegrown 10th Birthday 9/2010)

    Counterstrike ft Tasha Baxter - Questions (Allied Recordings) Counterstrike ft Tasha Baxter - Candy Flip (Invader Recodings) Counterstrike - Synergy (Cell Recodings) Counterstrike - Existenz (Invader Recodings) Counterstrike - Doom Prophet (Core Recodings) Counterstrike - Metal Gear (Leet...
  3. DeeGun

    Hardcore DJ G-I-S @ Pirate Station Riga, Latvia, 30.05.09
  4. lap

    Killer Drumz Latinoamerica crew 2017 mixed by LAP (Live DNB set)

    Dark Drum & Bass, Crossbreed, Hardcore DNB played live by LAP (Killer Drumz / Drumskulls) from Buenos Aires, Argentina All tracks played with a Sampler Roland MC-909 Playlist: 01. Limewax - Jij (LAP remix) 02. LAP - No Rules 03. LAP - Danger 04. LAP - No More Humans 05. LAP - Not Found 06. LAP...
  5. eastformsdnb

    Multi Genre Aero Promo Mix // EAST FORMS Drum&Bass [Crossbreed] East Forms Special episode where Drum&Bass meets Hardcore - Aero Promo Mix Aero (Eugeny Petrichenko) is a DJ based in Vladivostok, Russian Far East. He started his bass music journey in 2005 when he was introduced to broken rhythms and got...
  6. T

    Crossbreed /breakcore tutorial and mixdown tell if you liek and you want to cover specific topics
  7. T

    [darkstep/techstep] SkullKore - Can you hear me

    tell me if you liek i've tried to push the oldschool outbreak/obscene kinda darkstep stuff to harder dimension
  8. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks Released

    Stereo Assassin's "Satanic Breaks released May 25th exclusively on Bandcamp. 6 tracks of ungodly ultra-violent Metal infused Industrial DnB, including psychotic remix of Korn's "Twist".
  9. C

    DnB Oz1 & Beterror - We're Gonna Get You EP (Previews)

  10. SiniSter Sign

    DnB Crossbreed/Hardcore D'n'B Mix Series #5 - Mixed by Sinister Sign

    Enter the darkness with my last set and enjoy an hour of broken beats. Tracklist: 01. Hallucinator - Propa 02. Madlogik - Aminus 03. Brainpain - Genetics 04. Maza - Screamer 05. Katharsys -...
  11. C

    DnB Beterror - Rage E.P (CN007)

    Ukraine's Beterror has whipped up a 8 track E.P consisting of a variation of different DNB styles. Out later today on Chuffin Noise for free download or pay what you want.
  12. stereoassassin

    Satanic Breaks

    "Satanic Breaks" ... What you thought was hard DnB has been stepped on and kicked aside Release date: March 1st, check 1st track: "3 Minutes In Hell" and pre-order
  13. metafiziq

    Exclusively! Two Extremely Powerful Crossbreed DNB Tracks Are Out Today!

    You might wonder why there are no audio previews of our forthcoming releases at our official page? The answer is simple - we want to keep the surprise and be exclusive for you guys, that's the metaphysical way. Today we present to you our new Metafiziq Recordings release with Petram called "My...

    Section 8 Podcast 18 - KRYTIKA

    Out now: Section 8 Podcast 18 - KRYTIKA #darkdrumandbass #freedownload Tracklist: Krytika - Syntax Error Dom & Roland - Deckards Theme Limewax & The Panacea - Pigeons & Marshmallows Technical Itch - Death Jazz VIP Limewax - Everything SPL & Eye-D - Another Realm Audio - Stratosphere Raiden &...
  15. Daniel Dias

    DnB podcast mixed by DEATH

    Born in the month of October 1979 Daniel Dias began his musical career in 1994, as the teacher his older brother Denilson Dias aka DJ Zigy. He had his first performance in Cohab City in a local pizzeria, playing a not so common style at the time the such JUNGLE. Involved with Hip hop groups, but...
  16. E-Sassin

    DnB NEW RELEASE - Sound Sphere Recordings (E-Sassin)

    A brand new, smashing 3 track EP from E-Sassin on Sound Sphere Recordings. "GHOSTS IN THE MACHINE" Release Date: January 25, 2016 Check out more clips HERE If you purchase directly through Sound Sphere Music, you get a FREE bonus track from E-Sassin, "Faith". Check out Sound Sphere Music...
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